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Synonyms for circumstantial

Synonyms for circumstantial

characterized by attention to detail

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fully detailed and specific about particulars

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It was not the habit of this dear creature to tell falsehoods, except when necessity compelled, but in these great emergencies it was her practice to lie very freely; and in an instant she was ready with another neat plausible circumstantial story which she administered to her patron.
The police examined the outhouse next, in search of circumstantial evidence against the missing man.
To be the friend of Swiveller you must reject all circumstantial evidence, all reason, observation, and experience, and repose a blind belief in the bookcase.
Aunt Polly was vexed to think she had overlooked that bit of circumstantial evidence, and missed a trick.
"Oh, sire," replied the minister, "we have no occasion to invent any; every day our desks are loaded with most circumstantial denunciations, coming from hosts of people who hope for some return for services which they seek to render, but cannot; they trust to fortune, and rely upon some unexpected event in some way to justify their predictions."
Justice Odunga, however, noted that even though the accused had a case to answer, it was weak as the prosecution was only relying on circumstantial evidence.
But the resolution pointed out that 'direct evidence of the commission of a crime is not indispensable to criminal prosecutions.' The Rules on Evidence and Jurisprudence, the resolution pointed out, allows the conviction of an accused through circumstantial evidence provided that there is more than one circumstantial evidence, the facts where the inferences came from are proven, and it is enough to produce conviction beyond reasonable doubt.
The evidence is only circumstantial. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg of MSNBC gave a good example of circumstantial evidence: You get up one bright, sunny, morning, peer out the window and see a mound of snow on your driveway.
Further, FELA plaintiffs may prove their cases with circumstantial evidence only.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec 21 (ANI): A special CBI court on Friday acquitted all 22 accused in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case, citing unsatisfactory circumstantial evidence.
figure By MAUREEN KAKAH Migori Governor Zacharia Okoth Obado has finally been set free pending the murder trial he is facing.High Court judge Jessie Lessit has ruled that there is circumstantial evidence linking the governor to the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno and her unborn child.
PDEA argued that "circumstantial evidence" pointed to the presence of shabu in the lifters at one time, since they earlier received an intelligence report of an incoming huge shipment of the illegal drug.
Meanwhile, PDEA Deputy Director General Ruel Lasala maintained the claim of his agency that the lifters contained illegal drugs based on circumstantial evidence.
The government argues three facts, taken together, provide sufficient circumstantial evidence to connect Davis to the revolver and support the jury's conclusion: (1) the government's establishment of Davis as the head of the household; (2) the discovery of three Crown Royal bags in the apartment, one holding the revolver and a second tied to Davis's pants; and (3) a reasonable inference that J.R.
The jury has been told it will be asked to use circumstantial evidence to convict him.