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Synonyms for circumstantial

Synonyms for circumstantial

characterized by attention to detail

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fully detailed and specific about particulars

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It was not the habit of this dear creature to tell falsehoods, except when necessity compelled, but in these great emergencies it was her practice to lie very freely; and in an instant she was ready with another neat plausible circumstantial story which she administered to her patron.
The police examined the outhouse next, in search of circumstantial evidence against the missing man.
To be the friend of Swiveller you must reject all circumstantial evidence, all reason, observation, and experience, and repose a blind belief in the bookcase.
Aunt Polly was vexed to think she had overlooked that bit of circumstantial evidence, and missed a trick.
Oh, sire," replied the minister, "we have no occasion to invent any; every day our desks are loaded with most circumstantial denunciations, coming from hosts of people who hope for some return for services which they seek to render, but cannot; they trust to fortune, and rely upon some unexpected event in some way to justify their predictions.
It also ruled that there was no sufficient circumstantial evidence to prove the guilt of Baliaga, who is out on bail.
The evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russian operatives is more than circumstantial, Rep.
In the same way a vivid watercolor overlay can reinvigorate an illustration from 1830 -- as in the hybrid cover art of Lorna Hutson's Circumstantial Shakespeare--her reexamination of the compositional foundations of Shakespeare's work unveils rich new insights into his creative imagination.
He outlines what is known and not known about political polarization, historical and intellectual background on the current debate about it, and the major points of his argument: what direct and circumstantial evidence reveals, the extent of polarization in the electorate, the reason why parties are polarized, the masking of polarization by the pre-realigned ideologically heterogeneous parties, and the revelation of polarization by them.
Providing a detailed analysis of circumstantial light, Roberto develops the top ten circumstantial light elements you need to know in order to fully harness the power of the light around you to create an image that is true to your vision.
Option 1: Non-risk "death" - repayment rate of 100% of gross index-based salary and bonus of the new circumstantial; Option 2: Above risk "death" - repayment rate of 50% of gross index-based salary and bonus of the new circumstantial.
But rejecting the appeal, Lord Justice Mc-Combe said: "In our view, the judge's summing up as to the approach the jury should take to circumstantial evidence was entirely correct.
The medical board has sought certain crucial information from police, including photographs of the hotel room where Pushkar was found, statements and other circumstantial evidence.
The agency's probe just failed to solve the mystery and rather than sift through the cobwebs of inscrutability that embraced the case, we had the beleaguered CBI adding a few more shrouds on its own before zeroing in on the Talwar couple on the strength of circumstantial evidence.
10 ( ANI ): Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) former CEO Arif Ali Khan Abbasi has welcomed an Indian court decision to overturn the life ban on former Indian skipper Azharuddin for alleged match fixing, and said that the decision had proved that cricketers could not be punished for wrong doing just on circumstantial evidence.