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in a cagey manner


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"It is over," answered Vronsky, smiling with his eyes only, and twirling the tips of his mustaches as circumspectly as though after the perfect order into which his affairs had been brought any over-bold or rapid movement might disturb it.
He identified them circumspectly, going suddenly stiff-legged as Lerumie made a low, hissing, menacing noise.
Instead, walking stiff-legged and circumspectly, but smelling with all his nose the strange scent of the creatures, he followed at the end of his chain his own captor god.
Father Sergius straightened his mantle, put on his biretta, and went circumspectly through the crowd.
Bertie went up more circumspectly, hesitating before he put his head above the companionway slide.
Then he turned on his light, circumspectly, directing its rays to the ground at his feet.
He started off circumspectly and noiselessly, listening and peering at every step.
The Presiding Officers appealed to leaders from various sectors to assist in providing the necessary leadership in quelling the disorder, including "acting circumspectly in their public comments".
Kohli, who has faced 30 balls, has played circumspectly in helping to post 26 for the third wicket with Agarwal.
It was meant as a reminder to Coastwatchers that it was not their duty to fight and so draw attention to themselves, but to sit circumspectly and unobtrusively, gathering information.
The report is circumspectly conceived, well-written, and illustrated.
Let the Federal Trade Commission, if they want to, pick the certified public accountants, at the expense of the person registering." Thompson, apparently having not considered such a system, replied circumspectly that "if you are going to make those requirements perhaps you can protect the situation, but it will become somewhat involved" (J.S.
'We urge all Nigerians to continue praying fervently for peaceful and credible elections in our country and to walk circumspectly. The Lord who answers prayer will hear our cries and lead Nigeria to a more glorious future in the name of Jesus.