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Synonyms for circumspection


Synonyms for circumspection

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

Synonyms for circumspection

knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress

the trait of being circumspect and prudent

References in classic literature ?
After this exchange of civilities, during which Monk had lost nothing of his circumspection, the supper, or what was to serve for one, had been laid upon a deal table.
And when reaching out his knife and fork, between which the slice of beef was locked, Ahab thereby motioned Starbuck's plate towards him, the mate received his meat as though receiving alms; and cut it tenderly; and a little started if, perchance, the knife grazed against the plate; and chewed it noiselessly; and swallowed it, not without circumspection.
If Chrysostom's impatience and violent passion killed him, why should my modest behaviour and circumspection be blamed?
But like one walking alone and in the dark, I resolved to proceed so slowly and with such circumspection, that if I did not advance far, I would at least guard against falling.
The abuse of this power of taxation seems to have been provided against with guarded circumspection.
What was needed now was not bravery, but circumspection.
de Villefort," replied the doctor, with increased vehemence, "there are occasions when I dispense with all foolish human circumspection.
As they confidently expected a brush with the Blackfeet, or some other predatory horde, they moved with great circumspection, and kept vigilant watch in their encampments.
judges, prosecutors and law enforcers are reminded that in the performance of their duties, they should act with circumspection,'' they added.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, once compared chess to life and talked about the three morals of chess: foresight, circumspection and caution, which are all necessary to succeed in life," said Torre in a speech before participants of the "Learn and Play Chess with the Masters" program of the ERJHS Alumni Sports Club at the Barangay N.
Much like the bones of a skeleton, figures need not only to be fleshed out but also interpreted with circumspection coupled with a sense of realism to get to the true picture.
The most to have a gripe as the most senior Justice to be bypassed for the Chief Justice position, he now exemplifies dignity and circumspection among the justices for refusing to be dragged into the highly politicized impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Sereno.
It went ahead to appoint people, without the flimsiest recourse to circumspection, into the boards of these organisations.
Thus, great caution and circumspection in the appreciation and interpretation of the President's words is (sic) more than required now," it added.
He's not Haydock dust-up heap of " Nobody can blame Henderson for circumspection.