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Synonyms for circumspect

Synonyms for circumspect

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

Synonyms for circumspect

heedful of potential consequences


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In yon great, muckle house, with all these domestics, upper and under, show yourself as nice, as circumspect, as quick at the conception, and as slow of speech as any.
repeated Oblonsky, feeling that he must be as circumspect as he possibly could in this society, where something peculiar was going on, or was to go on, to which he had not the key.
who interests me infinitely more than his wife), Laura is provokingly circumspect and silent.
He was a quite different sort of celebrity from Peter Ivanovitch--a dark-haired man with kind eyes, high-shouldered, courteous, and with something hushed and circumspect in his manner.
The combat now became more characteristic and circumspect.
However, as my jealousy increased, and held some weeks, I was a little more circumspect, and not so familiar and kind to him as before: in which I was certainly wrong too; the honest, grateful creature having no thought about it but what consisted with the best principles, both as a religious Christian and as a grateful friend, as appeared afterwards to my full satisfaction.
These were all reasons for the greatest caution and most circumspect behaviour in communicating it to Mrs.
Hanging on too long: Suddenly, with a plethora of crummy programming that deserves a quick hook, networks have become more circumspect and patient with their faltering shows.
Valleyhood now is more than a dream and has magical powers of its own and the Wizards must be circumspect in their methods from now on.
Khan is an 'emotional loose cannon', ready to screw up what he doesn't like, as opposed to Pakistan People's Party's (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari, who being a sapient, sane, and circumspect politician knows what he is doing", said he in a statement here Saturday.
It did not affect business from Europeans, who are more circumspect, but cancellations did come in from Asia, especially corporate business," said Chris Lee, Tourism Authority of Thailand's trade marketing manager.
But she's going to be a bit more circumspect in future as to which birds she feeds.
But sometimes you just wish he would be a bit more circumspect in some of his comments.
That glaring error suggests a lack of knowledge about military dress, and would imply that the author has not himself served in one of Her Majesty's services and should be more circumspect in his judgments.
Real have netted 25 La Liga goals this term - six more than Barcelona - but they have been more circumspect in European games and they are unlikely to adopt a gung-ho approach at the San Siro.