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Synonyms for circumscription

the act of limiting or condition of being limited

Words related to circumscription

the act of circumscribing

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She is portrayed 'as the sum total of male circumscriptive attitudes' (Morgan 81).
What is clear, however, is that online information providers have answered the researcher's need for greater simplicity by developing highly circumscriptive portals that codify information for them.
The derivational versions of Prosodic Morphology--Autosegmental Morphology (McCarthy, 1981), Prosodic Morphology (McCarthy, 1986) and Circumscriptive Morphology (McCarthy, 1990)--will be contrasted with the optimal approach to morphology (Correspondence Theory).
The circumscriptive formula is given as a first-order schema.
The isolating mountains of the Bitterroot valley of Montana contain these same circumscriptive barriers, particularly for women and children who are abused in the winter months, which last from October to June.