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Synonyms for circumscription

the act of limiting or condition of being limited

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the act of circumscribing

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Moreover, pyglaf (the winner of three tracks) used a novel approach based on reduction to circumscription, which indicates that even more variety of solving techniques can be fruitful for the development of the field.
Their model, consisting of four clusters of variables, was developed based on an extensive literature review, as well as SCCT (Lent et al., 1994), Gottfredson's (1981,2005) theory of circumscription and compromise, and the status attainment model (Blau & Duncan, 1967; Sewell, Haller, & Portes, 1969).
The circumscription (Figure 6, A) and bland cellular population of the solid pattern can be mistaken for carcinoid tumor, but the nuclear features with clearing and inclusions are not those of carcinoid (Figure 6, C).
(9) Due to its circumscription with good cleavage planes; these tumors are usually easily excised.
It is important to remember that sometimes the circumscription of an object from the qualitative perspective, the explanation of the theoretical foundations that guide the process of production and analysis of data, as well as its discussion, may require some extra characters.
Some papers suggest that the juxtaareolar location of the tumor and the circumscription could be the result of a large breast duct origin of the tumor [6].
What is a genus in Cypereae: Phytogeny, character homology assessment and generic circumscription. Botanical Review 75: 52-66.
For multiple lesions, excision may be more difficult because of their poor circumscription and the large number of lesions.
This means that deputies are attached to their circumscription and are less bound to the central apparatus of parties.
In this classic formulation of what came to be called "circumscription theory," Carneiro (1970) added that at least a modicum of political evolution also can result from being hemmed in by other societies (referred to as "social circumscription" [Chagnon, 1968]) or simply from existing in close proximity to rich food sources, such as rivers generously supplied with fish (identified as "resource concentration").
In general, the lesions are small and may resemble lymph nodes because of circumscription and peripheral inflammation.
This is in fact a summation of Western economics; circumscription of the "knowable" world by what has had a price tag put on it.
As such, he asserts that Salih's book can be "understood as the complex work of fictionalizing and deconstructing the encounter with modernity in the literary text" that, in turn, creates "possibilities for multiple readings of modernity that systematically resist circumscription and epistemological closure" (112-13).
Torralba said "the diocesan bishop in whose pastoral circumscription the said work is undertaken" approves the heritage work.
Latino/a literature, by definition, resists circumscription by any single framework.