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Synonyms for circumscription

the act of limiting or condition of being limited

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the act of circumscribing

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2003) have been analyzed, the usually broad circumscriptions of these
In addition, a major factor in the circumscription of occupational aspirations is adolescents' perceptions of the gender traditionality of occupations.
We reserve the term anaplastic ganglioglioma for those rare overtly anaplastic tumors with features of conventional ganglioglioma which include relative circumscription, eosinophilic granular bodies, perivascular chronic inflammation, and a reticulin-rich nested architectural pattern.
No matter how the circumscription of a taxon may change upon taxonomic revision, the type must be included within the circumscription.
Fifth, the nonmonotonic logics being used most widely are the classical ones: default logic, circumscription, and autoepistemic logic.
Gottfredson (1981, 2002) described a four-stage process of circumscription whereby children progressively eliminate unacceptable career alternatives, such as those inconsistent with one's sex role and perceived social status.
An inflammatory reaction, stromal edema, and poor circumscription gave an invasive appearance to the ductal portions.
Thus, the ordinal circumscription did not change significantly over the last century.
Gottfredson (1981) believed the compromise process was the opposite of the circumscription process, in that individuals sacrifice interests first, followed by prestige and then sex type.
The circumscription of his constitutional right to the dignity of self, freedom of expression and fair hearing denotes that there is a desperate attempt to scare him into submission
The circumscription (Figure 6, A) and bland cellular population of the solid pattern can be mistaken for carcinoid tumor, but the nuclear features with clearing and inclusions are not those of carcinoid (Figure 6, C).
9) Due to its circumscription with good cleavage planes; these tumors are usually easily excised.
It is important to remember that sometimes the circumscription of an object from the qualitative perspective, the explanation of the theoretical foundations that guide the process of production and analysis of data, as well as its discussion, may require some extra characters.
What is a genus in Cypereae: Phytogeny, character homology assessment and generic circumscription.
For multiple lesions, excision may be more difficult because of their poor circumscription and the large number of lesions.