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Synonyms for circumscribed

subject to limits or subjected to limits


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Because thou art gentle and of upright character, thou sayest: "Blameless are they for their small existence." But their circumscribed souls think: "Blamable is all great existence."
'"Feel myself ashamed and completely circumscribed in a- dressin' of you, for you are a nice gal and nothin' but it."'
As the girl's eyes wandered across the trampled jungle clearing, already squalid from the presence of man, she no longer apprehended either the nearer objects of the foreground, the uncouth men laughing or quarreling among themselves, or the jungle beyond, which circumscribed the extreme range of her material vision.
They are still far too much circumscribed in their employments.
A memory is "precise" when the occurrences that would verify it are narrowly circumscribed: for instance, "I met Jones" is precise as compared to "I met a man." A memory is "accurate" when it is both precise and true, i.e.
Microscopically, desmoid tumors appear as poorly circumscribed masses of fibrous tissue that contain myofibroblasts and fibroblasts surrounded by collagen.
Resonant with but not circumscribed by these citations, Blubber, 2000, is a rhythmic, lyrical painting, with a comma-like shape repeating in collaged paper and dollops of black ink.
With its careful research and meticulous argumentation, Graves book deserves wide attention in the relatively circumscribed field to which it makes a real contribution.
Unenthusiastic about paying taxes to replace previously free extralegal racial justice with a costly court system that also entangled them, discontented white Mississippians responded by drawing on community-based va lue systems that privileged the "people's law." After 1873, hostility toward constitutionalism, an anti-Republican sentiment, and the passage of Mississippi's civil rights law finally united whites who felt that the election of blacks imperiled total white community power and that black aspirations could no longer be circumscribed. By 1874, whites had chosen to "rescue" the criminal justice and political systems from black people by resorting to riots, illegal searches, threats, and physical violence.
The lesions are typically well circumscribed, but they lack a definitive capsule.
While there may be a potential for the infinite, our lived reality is circumscribed by the duration marked by our corporeal existence.
Within the constraints of laws and institutions that circumscribed their freedoms, they sought to give life to their own ideas about gender identity, family, work, and sexuality.
The glamour of grand theory often draws the eye away from such challenging attempts to solve tightly circumscribed empirical problems.
Most of these lesions are well circumscribed and compress the surrounding muscle.
Once again, the curator's retrospective vision seems rather too neatly circumscribed by the it's-a-small-world sensibility of the '90s.