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Synonyms for circumnavigate

to pass around but not through

Synonyms for circumnavigate

travel around, either by plane or ship


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Sunderland, though, is five months younger than the Australian, an advantage in overtaking Watson for the youngest solo circumnavigator title.
The first solo circumnavigator in a small boat had not been British either - Joshua Slocum, a Nova Scotian, between 1895 and 1898.
Except for the French Capuchin friar Martin de Nantes and the circumnavigator Le Gentil de la Barbinais, whose comments respectively on Portuguese reactions to Amerindians and Portuguese preference for women of African birth or descent as sexual partners, were quoted by Boxer (Race Relations, notes 24 and 34), Boxer did not here draw on the accounts of European visitors to late colonial Brazil.
Furneaux, R 1960, Tobias Furneaux: circumnavigator, Cassell, London.
Drake was a hero, patriot, circumnavigator of the globe, victor over the Spanish Armada and the embodiment of all that made the English great.
She sprang to fame as runner-up in the Vendee Globe yacht race, becoming the second fastest circumnavigator, quickest woman and, at just 24, youngest person to sail round the world single-handed.
As the first circumnavigator, and as the originator of the name `Australia', he is certainly worthy of such national recognition and stature, and this is likely to increase with the added interest of his current and forthcoming bicentenary anniversaries or specific commemorations.
Sprague, who operates Portland Yacht Services with his wife and fellow circumnavigator Joanna, added that the new yard is increasing their capabilities to boats up to 1,300 tons with a dry dock.
And since 1978 - the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook's birth - it has also housed a museum named after the famous naval explorer and circumnavigator, and built on the site of the cottage where he was born.
There are a range of trips on offer, including the Coastal Explorer, Shipwreck Special and Evening Breakwater and Mewstone Circumnavigator.
The organization of the first was claimed by the Instituto de Coimbra, a prestigious cultural institution, although the public commemorations of the circumnavigator actually took place in Lisbon in the presence of the President of the Republic, Antonio Jose de Almeida.
The Twin Brigantines will be christened by pioneering youth sailing mentor and seven-time circumnavigator, Electa `Exy' Johnson, 93, and her son, Robert, representing his late father Irving Johnson.
Organised by the Royal Cape Yacht Club, the race -- which will take place in January 2011 -- will have about 20 participants, including seasoned Australian circumnavigator John Sanders.
A silk handbag made from the wedding dress of James Cook's wife Elizabeth and two pieces of cloth brought back from Tahiti by the circumnavigator are going on show at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum.
Among the young crew is Mike Perham from the UK, another solo circumnavigator.