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Synonyms for circumnavigate

to pass around but not through

Synonyms for circumnavigate

travel around, either by plane or ship


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That night--I am still speaking of the first day of our circumnavigation of the plateau--a great experience awaited us, and one which for ever set at rest any doubt which we could have had as to the wonders so near us.
She has five sails with much of her equipment, including mast and rigging, sails having been sourced from Cape Townstood, which stands her in good stead during circumnavigations.
The Indian Navy is also planning a subsequent all-woman crew for a circumnavigation of the globe in the near future.
Successful summer season expeditions have included a trio of kayak circumnavigations of the lake since 2001.
For example, just as the Eugene-based Lake Baikal Winter Circumnavigation 2010 team was finishing its 36-day trip, Spaniard Juan Menndez Granados began a solo bicycle crossing of the lake from south to north, according to ExplorersWeb.
Although Oyster are primarily known for their comfortable live-aboard cruising yachts, many of which have completed circumnavigations, in 2007 Oyster yachts were class winners in both the Fastnet and Rolex Sydney Hobart races [Capriccio of Rhu in the Cruising Division--Ed.
XSS-11 has completed more than 75 natural-motion circumnavigations of the expended Minotaur I rocket body.
Circumnavigations of South Georgia by sea kayak have been attempted twice before, but adverse conditions halted both expeditions.
The Templar Films South Georgia (TFSG) expedition, comprising an Israeli woman and three British men, took 13 days to make the 675 kilometre circumnavigation, beating the New Zealanders' time by four days.
This time both sailors, who came to fame for their solo circumnavigations, are sailing with a partner.
The 47-year-old has already completed two solo circumnavigations of the world via Cape Horn.