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  • verb

Synonyms for circumnavigate

to pass around but not through

Synonyms for circumnavigate

travel around, either by plane or ship


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Mice in Wonderland meets The Phantom Tollbooth in The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship of Her Own Making.
Dill's selection of mariner lore offers history as well as anecdotes about famous sailors, from John Paul Jones and Herman Melville's Captain Ahab to pirate Henry Morgan and Captain William Dampier, who circumnavigated the globe.
chief scientist on two 40-day cruises aboard DaYang YiHao, a Chinese oceanographic ship that circumnavigated the globe for 300 days.
The court then circumnavigated existing case law which had recognized that mere delivery of a defective product doesn't constitute an occurrence, by stating: "CGL policies generally do not cover contract claims arising out of the insured's defective work or product, but this is by operation of the CGL business risk exclusions, not because a loss actionable only in contract can never be the result of an 'occurrence.
Once you've circumnavigated the world in a boat it's done.
E) If you circumnavigated Africa by ship, starting out at Dares Salaam, Tanzania, and heading south, through which bodies of water would you travel?
The experimental, high-speed watercraft, under lease by the Army, had circumnavigated the world in 31 cruising days--during a seven-month period.
The organization has backed such events as a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, a bike ride that circumnavigated the globe and a 22-day cross-country trip across America.
In that year I circumnavigated the globe, visiting 26 countries.
This week's gems from ITV's analyst have included "Yordi circumnavigated Ledley King there', "Lee Dixon will be up against two South American left-handers tonight, "Ballack is being a bit milky at the moment" and "Blackburn Rovers' strength is their strength.
CAPE OF GOOD HOPE circumnavigated the field in the seven-furlong maiden from stall one but still proved too good for 18 rivals to have owner-trainer David Elsworth waxing lyrical.
Depending on the sequence in which they were observed, the signals in effect circumnavigated the globe in either an eastward or westward direction, and the time differences were recorded.
Since the advent of world cruises in the 1920s by Cunard's RMS Laconia, many people have circumnavigated the globe at a leisurely pace.
TWO years ago, Simon Reeve circumnavigated the world for the series Equator, and now he's doing it again - but this time along the Tropic Of Capricorn (BBC2, Sunday).
The 40ft-long Nordhavn was travelling from Acapulco to Dana Point in California, where she completes her eight-month circumnavigation, possibly also becoming the smallest powerboat to have circumnavigated the world.