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Synonyms for circumlocutory

roundabout and unnecessarily wordy

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Circumlocutory, the radiations from it will affect the human body resulting in various obscure diseases or defects.
The circumlocutory reasoning that Israel must control all borders because there is no effective Palestinian Authority and there is no effective Palestinian Authority because Israel controls the borders is ready for change.
Most lawyers prefer the use of complex, circumlocutory expressions in the language of law although their simpler equivalents are available.
decreased fluency, and circumlocutory speech with frequent word-finding
In contrast, McGlashan's version is straightforward, except perhaps for two points: the insertion of the noun "greatness," where it is Siva himself who is difficult to comprehend or to speak about, and the somewhat circumlocutory "he shines the brightest of ail heavenly lights" for what literally means "he whose light has no measure.
By contrast, Chapman claims that his own, circumlocutory methods offer a more effective means of preserving Homer's intended meaning.
He asked few questions and was tolerant of lengthy, circumlocutory replies.