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roundabout and unnecessarily wordy

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(9) Given the proclivity of managers to see those who speak out as trouble makers, their study found clinicians often used informal and circumlocutory means of communication.
The ostentatiously circumlocutory phrasing in this poem also suggests intimacy as necessarily excessive and discoloring, as corrupting meaning and compromising clarity.
The stiff formality of Stevens's style, tortuous with evasive speech, circumlocutory negatives, and grave protestations, obsessive with obsequiousness and quick to register any slur against whatever may have "dignity" or be "distinguished" is an elaborate contrivance.
he cannot speak quickly or articulately enough for the circumlocutory narrator, who impatiently breaks in to translate" (108).
Although Nixon never gave an answer to Frost lasting 23 minutes, as the play and the film both suggest, he did keep up a sustained and sometimes agonizingly Bill Clinton-like circumlocutory defense.
With the circumlocutory logic, the power of self-recognition is initiated by what Agamben calls "the anthropological machine," an optical machine "constructed of a series of mirrors in which man, looking at himself, sees his own image always already deformed in the features of an ape.
Despite their different theoretical constructions, these regulatory models are based on several common insights: first, sensitivity to the limits ofstate regulation, driven by a deep recognition of the problems of social complexity, normative multiplicity and epistemic scarcity; second, these models explore and develop circumlocutory forms of regulatory intervention, which are less demanding from an epistemic perspective in comparison to conventional regulatory formats.
This was seen not only in the way in which elder males closely guarded lore, but also the importance of circumlocutory or veiled (see A.
Slavitt's abandonment of the Latin is akin to his suppression of much of what Dante has to say about these spirits (such as their transcendence of the body) and his reduction of Dante's circumlocutory and exceedingly precise manner of speech.
The message can be carried out in a manner that is serious, gentle, kind, pompous, teasing, mocking, sarcastic, insulting, circumlocutory or precise.
Presumed to have died before completing the structure, he left only a set of manuscripts of inconsistent and circumlocutory narrative.
One of the official spokespersons of the party, Ravi Shankar Prasad did react in a circumlocutory manner claiming that many foreign journals had claimed that the Gandhi family had accounts in foreign banks and that the task force had merely taken note of it.
As the shadows lengthened for Edward Douglass White in the summer of 1921, the Newberry case fired his usually circumlocutory and doubting mind with a passionate eloquence and conviction.
Circumlocutory, the radiations from it will affect the human body resulting in various obscure diseases or defects.
Most lawyers prefer the use of complex, circumlocutory expressions in the language of law although their simpler equivalents are available.