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roundabout and unnecessarily wordy

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He wrote books and delivered flowery speeches with famously circumlocutious sentence structure.
is, in a word (albeit a long one), circumlocutious. (52) One man may be
For the answer to this we must look to the circumlocutious systems of power knowledge and materialization where that which is supported is replicated and that which is replicated (correctly) is supported.
"behaviour" and "centre" and a few circumlocutious paragraphs have been left intact in memory of Quirk.
What seems merely deferred in the Biographia, Nightmare' Abbey identifies simultaneously as an instance of circumlocutious prevarication and as a site of ideological consistency; "belief" makes orthodoxy and sanity interchangeable in the assertion of their syntactic equality.
Simply put, Clarissa Dalloway recoils to a world of parties and things because of the disappointments in her life, but one has to probe deeply in Mao's circumlocutious prose to learn something as straightforward as that.
But perhaps its kinky thread can be neatly, if arbitrarily, tied off in a Kalamanic rumination inspired by his father's own circumlocutious go at revealing the family secret: "What makes one kill another because [an] ancestor is different from one's own: this has little do with blood, more with a history of the perversion of justice" (76-77).