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Synonyms for circumlocution

Synonyms for circumlocution

a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

an indirect way of expressing something

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Given the results presented above, learners should be encouraged to replace avoidance strategies with compensatory strategies such as circumlocution, approximation, and time gaining strategies, and, as they gain more linguistic resources, learners should avoid the overuse of all-purpose words, word coinage, prefabricated patterns, literal translation, and code-switching.
And this instalment was certainly an ornate extravaganza of copious circumlocution, largely courtesy of Iain Glen who played a bitter and twisted ex-army colonel who'd arrived in town to recruit his former grunt - and the show's kind-hearted heavy - Sgt Drake into a life of crime.
Here comes the important role of the writer to express his opinion clearly without circumlocution, and to "reweigh things" according to the real world information, not to contribute to changing it, but to know how to protect his head from the stones of anger, or whatever may be worse.
A master of circumlocution, Hitehens writes with a spontaneous, understated, digressive style, orbiting a target with asides and allusions until it is all but lost from sight.
AS put by translator and editor (and general editor of the series) Janaway, in his fine introduction (which includes a nice balance of summary, commentary, and notes on translation): "Payne has a tendency towards circumlocution rather than directness and is often not as scrupulous as we might wish in translating philosophical vocabulary .
This must be done without the slightest audible preparation or circumlocution.
Due to the actions that Hamas has taken, we are not yet prepared to engage with them," says the Foreign Office in true Dickensian Circumlocution style.
Circumlocution of symbols as waves bends the idea and I recognize the ripples as such.
Within this framework falls the warning of the Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa about "foreign interference," while Mubarak's insistence on "rejecting circumlocution and denying facts" comes as an inevitable condition to translate the solidarity document among Arab League member states into reality on the track of reconciliation.
Characteristic of Dickens, the story exposes harsh class distinctions in the early 19th century, as well as shadowy financial doings, blackmail and even a big, heartless bureaucracy, the Circumlocution Office, which all makes the author seem a little bit like Nostradamus.
The moment initially summarized is translated into visual terms and extended grammatically by the first circumlocution in the poem (and then it was [that] there interposed a Fly with) and by the first triple adjectives (Blue--uncertain--stumbling) in a poem that has almost no adjectives elsewhere, much less triple ones.
THE BBC dramatisation of Little Dorrit portrayed an invented government department, the Circumlocution Office.
Readers, struggling with abstract and ambiguous verbiage surrounding highly complex processes of contextualization, may well become lost in its technical circumlocution and obfuscation.
Colette Inez writes poignantly direct and intelligible poems, worlds removed from current trends toward ambient circumlocution.
Remember, "feet" serve, with good reason, as the circumlocution for one's private parts in the Hebrew Bible.