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Synonyms for circumlocution

Synonyms for circumlocution

a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

an indirect way of expressing something

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It seems that B2 find approximation to be a better resource than circumlocution which, although similar to the former, evidences more limited linguistic resources in the speakers who use it.
Dickens's Circumlocution Office is indeed alive and well and operating at full blast in London and other major centres in the West so as not to upset delinquent Israel and to make it appear that positive action, like sanctions, is not an option.
Within this framework falls the warning of the Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa about "foreign interference," while Mubarak's insistence on "rejecting circumlocution and denying facts" comes as an inevitable condition to translate the solidarity document among Arab League member states into reality on the track of reconciliation.
Characteristic of Dickens, the story exposes harsh class distinctions in the early 19th century, as well as shadowy financial doings, blackmail and even a big, heartless bureaucracy, the Circumlocution Office, which all makes the author seem a little bit like Nostradamus.
"I heard a Flybuzz--when I died" becomes "I saw a Fly buzz--when I died." The moment initially summarized is translated into visual terms and extended grammatically by the first circumlocution in the poem (and then it was [that] there interposed a Fly with) and by the first triple adjectives (Blue--uncertain--stumbling) in a poem that has almost no adjectives elsewhere, much less triple ones.
THE BBC dramatisation of Little Dorrit portrayed an invented government department, the Circumlocution Office.
Readers, struggling with abstract and ambiguous verbiage surrounding highly complex processes of contextualization, may well become lost in its technical circumlocution and obfuscation.
Colette Inez writes poignantly direct and intelligible poems, worlds removed from current trends toward ambient circumlocution. A freethinker with a long-smoldering yen for the numinous, she pursues her quarry in the most prosaic of liminal locales: in screened porches, hospital corridors, on public transport, in doorways, stairwells, and the rooms of a dislocated childhood.
Remember, "feet" serve, with good reason, as the circumlocution for one's private parts in the Hebrew Bible.
Shaking his head, Scowcroft said of Ahmadi-Nejad: "He is a master of counterpunch, deception, circumlocution".
The patterns were originally identified as circumlocution, narrative interspersion, and recursion by Ball (1992) when she examined the written texts of African-American adolescents, who are speakers of a nonstandard dialect of English, namely, African-American Vernacular English.
The most common replacement strategies are approximation, synonymity, and circumlocution or paraphrase.
In his defense, Bush stated that "the people responsible in our government have reviewed this transaction"--a Clintonian circumlocution even the Republican toadies on Capitol Hill did not accept.
In order to facilitate this process of textual visualization, Saiber underlines three common tropes which appear in the Cena: hyperbole, ellipsis, and circumlocution. These tropes coincide with the fundamentally circular geometric background of the Cena, defined by the employment of the shapes of hyperbola, ellipse, and circle.
But the fact that the book centres on the Swiftian extravagance of the Circumlocution Office (rather than an actual department of Whitehall) testifies to the huge importance of that 'incantatory rhetoric' both here and throughout the canon.