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lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts

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theta]] are radial principal stretch and circumferential principal stretch accordingly.
The body of literature on circumferential fusion in patients with low grade isthmic spondylolisthesis has shown this technique to be superior to posterior-lateral fusion.
The recorded circumferential displacement time series at the coordinate z = 0 are organized into a data matrix v(z = 0, [theta], t), depending on time t and circumferential position [theta].
3-km stretch of the total 135-km-long Basilan Circumferential Road Project, the palace said in a statement issued yesterday.
The physical reality is somewhat different, especially in cross-wound packages, made using circumferential driving of the tube.
Body shaping (through circumferential reduction) treatment by Syneron(TM) exposed as celebrity beauty secret
Over the years, several failure modes have been observed, including wedge splitting, spiral cracking, longitudinal cracking, and circumferential breaks.
Univariate predictors of a first recurrence of AF after more than 1 year were baseline persistent or permanent AF, hypertension, diabetes, left atrial enlargement, and ablation via wide area circumferential ablation as opposed to pulmonary vein isolation.
A more complex upgrade involves modifying the housing to allow a larger feed channel to the die face and optimizing the hole pattern to avoid circumferential holes, which wear knives unevenly.
The machine is designed to achieve circumferential speed of 120 m/sec.
On flexible laryngoscopy, the patient was noted to have a circumferential supra glottic stenosis, but cricoarytenoid motion could not be adequately assessed.
In May, CLF's lawsuit halted construction on the proposed Chittenden County Circumferential Highway that threatened to induce sprawling development out of Burlington and into the surrounding farmlands and open spaces.
When coupled with the UniWest US-454 EddyView instrument, cable and highly sensitive rotating probes the JF-15 scanner finds any indication of defect amplitude and/or circumferential location.
A fully integrated, CNC laser lathe system can precision laser weld on a variety of circumferential components and the PowerWeld laser workstation can restore and modify tool steel components.
High-frequency 16,000-rpm digital drive technology combined with galvanic-bond and ceramic-bond CBN grinding wheels from 70 mm to 400 mm enable constant circumferential grinding wheel speed of up to 120 m/sec.