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lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts

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The BLISTT outer ring circumferential road, a remaining 80 kilometers from the 143.
The Sibuyan Circumferential Road and the Romblon-Cogon-Sablayan Road, where six landslides have been recorded, were also damaged.
The SMM claimed the project is the jump-start of the estimated P7-billion alternate circumferential road around Mayon measuring 264 kilometers in diameter.
xi] is the circumferential wheel force developed by the wheel torque.
Along with road traction, PS830 and PS850 tyres have extended shoulder grooves that help in achieving excellent cornering stability, while the circumferential centre rib comes into play to augment lateral traction.
theta]] are radial principal stretch and circumferential principal stretch accordingly.
Circumferential dissection of the ascending aorta "intimo-intimal inhrssusception".
in the longitudinal circumferential and transverse directions respectively.
03 million); Lake Lanao Circumferential Road from Marawi City to Bayang, SR 38 million (P 421.
Baker Hughes has broadened its pipeline service portfolio to include circumferential magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection technology, which enables pipeline operators to identify anomalies in pipeline long seams and more effectively manage the risk associated with cracks in long seam welds and the overall integrity of their pipeline assets.
Videbaek and colleagues11 followed patients that underwent posterior-lateral fusion or circumferential fusion for the treatment of low back pain, which included spondylolisthesis patients.
However, it is not possible to determine the circumferential position of the defect and also the sizing of small circumferential defects is problematic [4,5].
3-km stretch of the total 135-km-long Basilan Circumferential Road Project, the palace said in a statement issued yesterday.
The idea is to burn rich in the circumferential cavity, allowing much of the required combustion residence time to take place in the circumferential direction of the engine, rather than the axial as is done conventionally.
British Energy said the delays were due to difficulties installing circumferential bands to the boiler control unit at Heysham 1.