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Synonyms for circumference

Synonyms for circumference

a line around a closed figure or area

Synonyms for circumference

the size of something as given by the distance around it


Related Words

the boundary line encompassing an area or object

the length of the closed curve of a circle

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The researchers said the mid-upper arm circumference "could be a readily available and simple metric" for determining risk in older patients with heart disease.
Also included in the measurement of the waist circumference (WC) as an indicator for central obesity because it is a good predictor of abdominal fat and is more closely related to the development of cardio-vascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus [8] in both children and adults [9-10].
On the basis of observations obtained after careful measurements of weight, height, circumferences of head, chest & mid-arm, we see that the mean values of head & chest circumferences (T able 2 & 3) shows a gradual increase with in both sexes.
The Question: Are routine head circumference measurements a good screening tool for neurodevelopmental problems?
Thus, there was not one natural 'cutpoint' for waist circumference that could be used in the clinic, as risk increased across the spectrum of circumferences.
Table 2: Correlation coefficients between scrotal circumferences, age, body weight, and various testicular measurements in Tho Tho (Bos indicus) bulls.
Diameters assess body breadth and skeletal dimensions of the trunk and extremities while circumferences reflect the combined girth sizes of the tissues that underlie the skin.
In addition, unaffected co-twins could represent "an intermediate phenotype between affected individuals whose head circumferences correlate negatively and truly unaffected and unrelated individuals whose head circumferences correlate positively with IQ.
Similarly, participants with higher levels of non-HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, systolic blood pressure and other blood factors associated with cardiovascular disease tended to have larger waist circumferences and higher waist-to-hip ratios.
It is observed that the calf circumferences of the badminton players are larger than the tennis players.
Shorter penile lengths with smaller circumferences were predictive of condoms feeling too loose (p=0.
Thigh, arm and forearm circumferences were taken at the midpoint of the thigh, arm and forearm respectively.
In the case of calculating circumferences and areas of circles, a square is a useful reference.