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a circular movement of a limb or eye

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steppage gait, radicular/peripheral Trendelenburg sign) sensory deficit Spastic Non-fluent gait, Elevated muscle tone, circumduction of the legs, brisk reflexes, stiffness, scissors gait, pyramidal tract signs forward rotation of the (Babinski), urge lateral edge of the foot incontinence Ataxic Broad-based, Cerebellar: other uncoordinated, variable; cerebellar signs (limb worsens when the eyes are dysmetria, oculo-motor closed disturbances, (proprioceptive-deficit dysarthria); ataxia) Proprioceptive-deficit ataxia: demonstrable proprioceptive deficit Sensory deficit Broad-based, variable, BVP: oscillopsia, diminished swing phase, pathological worsens when another head-impulse test; PNP: system is impaired (e.
Her gait was circumduction in nature with no isolated control other than what was provided by the extensor synergy.
4) In the delivery stride, the bowler winds the arm into a hyperflexed position and then brings the arm over the shoulder in full circumduction, releasing the ball at the start of the downward arc.
Capable of an extremely wide range of motion, the shoulder joint is the only joint other than the hip endowed with circumduction ability.
The increased thigh circumference necessitates circumduction of the leg with each stride.
He suggests that in a didactic production structure is less important since "by long circumduction from any one truth, all truth may be inferred" (2: 151).
The main findings with this type of injury include one of the aforementioned mechanisms of injury, a globally decreased range of motion, minimal swelling, as well as toe-to-heel walking and possibly circumduction of the hip on the effected side in order to avoid dorsiflexion at the ankle mortise joint.
A few cadaveric studies in the past have simulated 3-D thumb circumduction in vitro and attempted to characterize the functional ROM.
His hemiparesis had progressed to the point of no spontaneous use of the left arm, which he held in a flexion posture, and dragging of the left leg with circumduction at the hip.
Objective Loss of dorsiflexion 5 evaluation [1] Loss of ulnar deviation 3 Loss of supination 2 Loss of palmar flexion 1 Loss of radial deviation 1 Loss of circumduction 1 Pain in distal radio-ulnar joint 1 Complications Arthritis change Minimal 1 Minimal with pain 3 Moderate 2 Moderate with pain 4 Severe 3 Severe with pain 5 Nerve complications(median) 1-3 Poor finger function due to cast 1-3 Result 0-2 excellent 3-8 good 9-20 fair >20 poor Table 3: Results based on Sarmiento's modification of Lindstrom criteria Residual Loss of Radial deformity (%) palmar tilt shortening (%) (%) Excellent 40(83.
MCP and PIP), while the circumduction joint can be positioned in multiple states manually (the Vincent hand tested did not include a thumb).
Furthermore, these features may also help in circumduction motions of the manus during wing beats.