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cut the skin over the clitoris

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cut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys

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For each daughter, respondents were asked the two main reasons for their intention to circumcise, not circumcise or consult a doctor.
First, some mothers were inclined to circumcise, but were uncertain of the potential consequences and wanted a doctor to tell them whether circumcision "would be okay" for their daughters:
Interviewer (I): Do you intend to circumcise your daughter, God willing?
Respondent (R): God willing, I will take her to the doctor first to examine her, [to see] if it's okay or not okay [to circumcise her]--he's the one who will tell me.
I: Have you decided whether to circumcise your daughters?
I: Why do you think the doctor's decision [might make you decide to not] circumcise your daughter?
As one urban respondent who did not intend to circumcise her daughter said, "I won't consult [a doctor].
Respondents who had already consulted a doctor said that the physician performed an "exam" on the girl to determine whether to circumcise.
In addition, one participant said that a doctor had told her that the decision to circumcise was up to her, and a few others were told to come back to have their daughters examined again when they were older: