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cut the skin over the clitoris

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cut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys

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Yet they are fears that a female circumciser is offering the procedure to families of young girls, right here in Birmingham.
Information was collected from a variety of sources: adult Meru men (55 of the boys' guardians or family-appointed men who accompanied the boys to hospital for circumcision, two traditional circumcisers, 20 traditionally circumcised local men, and 30 male nurses performing circumcision within the health clinic and hospital setting), 140 adolescent boys before and after their circumcision; and old and recent hospital records, local newspaper reports, and literature published on the subject, which were examined to provide corroborating evidence on the traditions and their changes throughout the years.
The circumciser then pours some traditional herb on the wound that causes excruciating pain.
305) However, the charges were dropped because "[t]he circumciser did not know that FGM was illegal .
One circumciser (of little Mary's group), apparently attempting to maintain an air of mystery about the practice, asserts during her interview that none of the girls will divulge what they have undergone in any detail, even under threat of death.
Poorly trained and ignorant of modern techniques, he wrote, ritual circumcisers frequently communicated tuberculosis, syphilis, and other contagious microbes to infants.
Fearful Sudanese mothers, weaned away from the practice by western education, lock their seven and eight year old girls away from proselytizing circumcisers in the Khartoum suburbs.
Women who observed their children's state of suffering from lawalawa were now seen secretly inviting the circumcisers into their homes or other hiding places in the bush, in order to perform FGM without drawing attention from the authorities.
4- Circumcisers and all those who contribute to the practice should be penalized.
They advertised for ministers who were Torah readers, kosher butchers, and circumcisers.
These tin-wielding circumcisers revisit the copper-wielding brothers, men, who blinded Walker, signify the men who blind all women.
In addition, 31 in-depth interviews were conducted in the three sites: eight with women, six with men, four with community leaders, six with religious leaders, and seven with circumcisers and health providers.
Accordingly, to avoid their evils, it seems relevant to enact a law with severe penalties of imprisonment and fines for all circumcisers.