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cut the skin over the clitoris

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cut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys

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The disease is rare among Jewish and Muslim men, the majority of whom are circumcised.
The boy's mother, Elinor, said that her son was born with a medical problem which didn't allow him to be circumcised on the eighth day as is customary but after she read about the procedure, she is reluctant to put her son through it.
Prince Charles was circumcised by a mohel - a rabbi who specialises in circumcision - who was chosen over the royal physician.
Participants underwent a visual genital examination by a medical officer, after which the medical officer completed a circumcision assessment form to classify participants as uncircumcised (no evidence of surgery), partially circumcised (>40% but <100% foreskin remaining), partially circumcised (>0% but <40% foreskin remaining) or completely circumcised (no foreskin remaining).
The radio (presenter) said babies can be circumcised right after birth just like men.
She, however, said she's was able to convince the family elders that the young girl needed to be given more time before she could be circumcised as she was carrying her second pregnancy and will need to attend to her after the circumcision
But because circumcision does offer significant protection against HIV infection, a man may choose to be circumcised as part of his HIV prevention risk reduction strategies.
The researchers used client records and data from the 2012 census to estimate the proportion of males in each village who had been circumcised during the campaign.
Two in three of circumcised males globally are Muslims.
It is clear, however, that a son of Moses was not circumcised.
Norwegian authorities estimate that around 2,000 boys were being circumcised annually in Norway outside the public health care system before the law went into effect.
Women's responses indicated that circumcision status minimally impacted satisfaction with partner's genitals, while men with intact partners indicated significantly higher levels of satisfaction than those with circumcised partners.
Being circumcised can lower a man's risk of developing prostate cancer by up to 60%, according to new research.
8 million men in 14 countries in southern and eastern Africa have chosen to be medically circumcised for HIV prevention since 2008.
Female genital mutilation by the ancient Arabs long before Islam was conducted the reason was the protection of female shepherd herd's sheep to graze in the village [6], Studies have shown also by the doctor Shandal Many mummies have been discovered in Egypt, are circumcised.