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cut the skin over the clitoris

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cut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys

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In analyzing the vignette data, we examined whether the respondent's advice to the hypothetical mother reflected her own preferences (i.e., the respondent answered "should circumcise" to both questions in a set, or "should not circumcise" to both); the future husband's preferences or the doctor's recommendation (the respondent answered "should circumcise," then "should not circumcise"); or the hypothetical mother's preferences (the respondent answered "should not circumcise," then "should circumcise").
We can now understand why Moses would decide not to circumcise his son.
An alternative avenue to explore popular beliefs about circumcision may be parent's reasons for choosing to circumcise or not circumcise their newborn sons.
(1) Since 2008, more than 350,000 men have been circumcised in Nyanza province alone, and the government aims to circumcise 1.1 million men by 2013.
The number of American parents choosing to circumcise their infant males has been steadily declining, from a peak of 85 percent in the 1960s to around 50 percent today.
People here circumcise their daughters because they believe itAAEs required in Islam.
LAST NOVEMBER, Christopher Mims, a 30-year-old expecting dad, updated his Facebook status: "Those of you who had boys, did you circumcise him?
Nonetheless, a negative attitude has been shown by female (21%) and male (42%) respondents, who intend to circumcise their future daughters.
In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics described circumcision as "amputation of the foreskin," and the American Medical Association called elective circumcision "nontherapeutic." Catholic hospitals that circumcise infants for nontherapeutic reasons violate the moral law.
Muslims and Christians alike circumcise their daughters.
Samburu elders have blessed 20,000 knives that will be used to circumcise boys in the county next month.
But the ban faced resistance in the 1960s when some girls vowed to circumcise themselves, leading to the naming of the rebellious age group as "Ngaitaana" (I will circumcise myself).Since early 2000, the Methodist and Catholic churches have been conducting alternative rites of passage for teenage girls in a bid to end FGM.
The DHMT said they would intensify safe male circumcision campaigns during anti-natal care check-ups so as to give mothers time to consult and make decisions whether or not to circumcise the baby before they go for delivery.
Neither St Olavs nor Rikshospitalet, however, will circumcise newborns.