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comprising or throughout far northern regions


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Ammodytes hexapterus Pallas, 1814:226 (original description; types lost; circumboreal, Kamchatka, Kuril and Aleutian islands, American coast, Baltic Sea).
In the early Miocene (Aquitanian and Burdigalian, 23-16 Ma), occurrences of fossil Itea are widespread and nearly circumboreal in distribution, although only five are from outside of continental Europe.
As a circumboreal species, moose are well adapted to cold but are intolerant of warm temperatures and show both physiological and behavioral responses in warm weather (Renecker and Hudson 1986, 1990).
In contrast, Suzuki (1976) proposed that both species originally inhabited an ancient circumboreal ecosystem that now consists of isolated postglacial fragments in eastern Asia and eastern North America.
Studies on Tracheliis rathkei (Brant) (Rapp 1988) indicate that it may be circumboreal.
The circumboreal Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, with subspecies cratericola in Guatemala.
The majority of species in this clade are shade-tolerant forest species from eastern North America or eastern Asia, but there are also a few circumboreal species of peatlands or other moist open sites.
latiusculum (sensu Tryon) has an almost completely circumboreal distribution, being found throughout Eurasia and eastern North America.