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walk around something


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They bestow great blessings and are yearly recipients of great circumambulatory [activity].
He is up to his old circumambulatory tricks again in Walking Zero , to high praise from deskbound reviewers.
Circumambulatory rites and chasing demons; gold pieces
Mary Weld, one of his typists, said that "typing for him was exactly like accompanying a singer on the piano" But Miss Bosanquet, who became his regular typist in 1905, added: "the nervous tension of the situation when he is `agonizing' for a word is appalling" James would apologize to friends for sending them letters on this "cold machinery" for what he called "Remingtonese" though when away he claimed to yearn to return to the "the dear old Remington tick To what extent composing by dictation helped form his later, more circumambulatory style cannot be known, but it was probably not inconsiderable.
Odysseus' traditional talents for circumlocution and verbal disguise are matched in the play by his circumambulatory tracking of Ajax (1-37), by t he whispered report that the chorus of Salaminian sailors imagines he trails as he ranges through the troops (148-50), and, on a more metaphorical level, by the circular nature of friendship he represents, as can be seen in his new-found pity for Ajax in his frenzy (121-26) and later in his unexpected defense of Ajax's corpse (1332-73).
The camera circles around them, coming in closer for a more intimate view, then pulling back to a more detached distance, while always maintaining a constant and therefore mechanistic circumambulatory pace, as if some purely scientific interest in these outlandish and comical creatures, these humans, were mixed with a more prurient fascination.