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walk around something


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2], the mataf area will have an hourly capacity for 5,000 circumambulators when complete.
Then, the monarch was briefed on the plans and replicas showing the implemented parts of the Holy Haram's expansion project presented by the minister of finance and his assistant, including information about the increase that would be achieved in terms of circumambulators, pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors as well as the facilities and services to be put at their disposal following the completion of the project, whereas the total area is expected to reach 1260000 sq.
Makkah, 28 Rabi'I 1436, January 19, 2015, SPA -- The Head of the Private Establishment for Arab Countries Circumambulators Faisal bin Mohammed Noh met in Makkah today with visiting Assistant Minister of Interior of Egypt Major General Sayyid Maher Salem, who is also in charge of Egypt's pilgrims.