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The Director of Project Management Engineer Sultan bin Ati Al-Qurashi explained that work is taking place even before the end of next month of Dhu Al-Qidah to establish the surface-storey to complete the ring of circumambulation and link it with the surface of the first and second phase, so that pilgrims can take advantage of that including this year.
Later they would travel to Mecca to perform a farewell circumambulation around the Kaaba, the cube-shaped structure in Mecca's Grand Mosque that observant Muslims around the world face in prayer five times a day.
Culture and Information Minister Adel Al-Toraifi said the expansion of the mataf, the circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba, would create space for 107,000 pilgrims every hour.
Pilgrims are continuing their farewell circumambulation (tawaf).
Meanwhile, Sultan Al-Qurashi, director of projects at the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, said construction work at the mataf (the circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba) would be halted this month in order to resume work after Ramadan, adding that this move would help the mataf accommodate the increasing numbers of pilgrims, who come from within the Kingdom and abroad to perform Umrah during the holy month.
According to Wafa, the completed portions of the expansion projects have greatly increased the capacity of the mosque and the mataf (the area for the circumambulation of the Kaaba).
In Makkah, Al-Assaf inspected the public transport stations on Ajyad Street behind King Abdul Aziz Endowment Tower, a new hospital project, security buildings, the pedestrian tunnel, the mosque expansion, and the final stage of construction on the mataf, or the circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba .
The ongoing expansion of mataf, or circumambulation area around the Kaaba, would be completed before this year's Haj, said Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, on Wednesday.
In his third press conference on the progress of Hajj, Al-Turki said the transportation of pilgrims to ascend to Arafat and then down to Muzdalifah and Mina before going to perform the circumambulation ritual around Kba, one of the pillars of Hajj, in Makkah was done in comfort and tranquility.
It said it had taken into account the capacity of the mataf, the circumambulation area around the Kaaba, and space at the two holy mosques.
The third phase of the King Abdullah Project for the expansion of the mataf, the circumambulation area around the Kaaba, began this week.
He added, "Everyone knows that the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has worked in recent years to address all of the sites where rituals are performed in large numbers of pilgrims reaching to critical degrees, such as Jamarat facility, Masa'a track, and now the expansion of the circumambulation track to complement the system of expansion projects that will not stop , God willing .
Rawwas said the ministry would ask all Tawafa organizations to keep 50 percent of their pilgrims in Mina on 13 Dhul Hijjah in the coming years to avoid overcrowding at the "mataf," or circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba in Makkah.
Police have arrested an Asian woman for allegedly pickpocketing pilgrims in the mataf, or the circumambulation area, around the Holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah on Sunday.
During the Iftar, the attendees were shown a documentary film, in Turkish, on the ongoing expansion of the Grand Mosque of Makkah and the new circumambulation, in particular.