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walk around something


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Whether in the form (as already mentioned) of Ojibwa Water Walking women, circumambulating the Great Lakes Basin in prayer and ceremony over recent years, an Ojibwa-inspired Native American Water-carrying ritual traversing the length of the Potomac River from West Virginia to Chesapeake Bay, or the recent Lakota-led 200-plus tribal resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, continuously asserted as a matter of Water-protection, not prophetic protest indigenous concern for Water harm addresses the Waters themselves, as the first responsibility in collective activity.
Circumambulating hills and cairns and performing rituals are then ways of recalling, of remembering (calling back, putting together once more) the constant presence of the tribe through the presence of the ancestors.
Many elders begin their day by circumambulating the nearest temple to their homes and chanting hymns.
VAR of images showing millions of pilgrims circumambulating around Kba
While the capacity of tawaf area will widen to accommodate 130,ooo pilgrims circumambulating around the Kaba per hour from 52,000 per hour in the past.
Those seeking greater peace and spiritual reflection might take a meditation retreat at a Buddhist monastery, join pilgrims in circumambulating the enchanting Boudhanath stupa or simply wander the narrow red-brick alleyways of nearby Bhaktapur, the ancient Hindu "City of Devotees.
Upon entering the site of Bodh Gaya today, one immediately notices international pilgrims chanting, listening to dharma talks, circumambulating, prostrating, and sitting in silent meditation.
We come closer to the mandalic meaning experientially by circumambulating it like the king or monks may have done, rather than from a helicopter.
And just as Muslim pilgrims stand on Mount Arafat at the peak of every hajj, pre-Islamic pilgrims used to spend a day in the barren plain outside Mecca and return to the city circumambulating the Kaaba.
The Muslims who have converged onto the holy place from the four corners of the world with an ardent desire for circumambulating around the Ka'aba or visiting the shrine of the Noblest Messenger, may the peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny, are expected to cherish the opportunity in consolidating their mutual brotherly bonds as it would heal many woes of the Islamic Ummah.
Thus, circumambulating the sanctum gives way to a communal performance of devotion (bhakti) in the presence of the deity.
Paying homage and making offerings to images of the Buddha, visiting holy places sanctified by Him, circumambulating stupas and reading scriptures are some very popular devotional practices in all the Buddhist countries, irrespective of difference in tradition.
When the spider vanished, I became extremely upset, and a few days later had a visionary experience in which, while circumambulating Nijo Castle, I looked up to see the spider, now all red, and human-sized, in the sky, flexing in its web.
I paid my dubious respects there a month or so ago, circumambulating the marble mausoleum (now clad in cement) like some skeptical pilgrim, and teetering on the rickety ladder at the rear of the edifice which gives you a peep into the dusty interior.
We even have people circumambulating the Ka'bah while their cell phones are ringing--this is a blasphemy of the worst kind that you can imagine.