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walk around something


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During the hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), Muslims circumambulate the Ka'aba (the most sacred site in Islam) seven times.
While a term such as visual discernment might be adequate and appropriate to my concern, there is the ever-present reality in one or more of the hermeneutics of the varied disciplines that my research and writing circumambulates, that a word like discernment has preconceived connotations.
However, if a pilgrim circumambulates the Kaabah without wearing Ahram after crossing into the Meeqat, he is liable to slaughter a goat or pay its price to the poor as fine.
Her discussion of The Hind and the Panther (1687) argues that Dryden employs digression as a means of evading direct polemical statement and responsibility, while the labyrinthine course of the debate that he chronicles circumambulates the disappointing space at the centre of the poem vacated by his patron and king, James II.
Such a procession is integrative in that it circumambulates city space but not royal in the sense that Sa Paru is, as it pays no attention to the central space itself.
At the point immediately to the north of the royal palace, the procession does not circumambulate the city centre and the palace by progressing to the east and through the localities of Valakhu and Nyauta.
The body of white sand that circumambulates the dark green vegetation in the center of the island is in sharp relief, cicatrix-like against the tranquil aquamarine water.
The collaborative art project that Karen Baldner and I have embarked on circumambulates the themes of uprootedness and at-homeness like other people circumambulate sacred sites.