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walk around something


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Then, having heard what the Buddha said, having received it well and remembered it well, the venerable Ananda paid homage with his head at the Buddha's feet, circumambulated him thrice and left.
Then Pasenadi, the king of Kosala, knowing that venerable Ananda had accepted [by remaining] silent, gave the bahitika cloth to venerable Ananda as a gift for the teaching, rose from his seat, circumambulated [Ananda] three times and left.
Farewell circumambulation of the Kaaba( the ancient cubic structure housing the Black Stone relic) is expected from each and every male or female pilgrim According to preliminary estimates made by prince Khaled al-Faysal of Mecca, up to 1 million 800,000 pilgrims visited thus far, and circumambulated the holy structure.
Inside the Grand Mosque, scores of pilgrims circumambulated the Holy Kaaba with many pushing their way through the crowds to kiss Hajar Al-Aswad (the Black Stone) on a corner of the cube-shaped structure.
In the Dirac wave equation of a single particle like the electron, the problem of nonzero mass and charge is circumambulated by introducing given values of its mass me and charge e.
Indeed, in contrast to the physical separation maintained by the SF MOMA architecture, here people necessarily circumambulated and played a part within the articulated hounds, broadly conceived: The walkway suggested an arcade, exhibition, and stage across which to saunter, stroll, or march.
deftly demonstrates, Weil circumambulated the concept and brute reality of force from every imaginable angle.
You circumambulated with extreme devotion, around my years of growing up.
Carl Jung, the friend Freud had in mind--you notice he cannot quite bear to write the name, an instance of his own self-and-world issues--said the self was not best conceived as a line in time but as a circumambulated circle.
Each believes that the axis on which he spins is his own inner Ka'aba, the Black Stone of Mecca, which itself must be circumambulated.
Further, to reduce Islam to an understanding of Islam, conditioned by history and geography, is incorrect because, as stated above, Islam is essentially a set of beliefs which cannot be circumambulated by history and geography.
Ya'qubi describes this as a power struggle between the Damascus caliphate and rebels in Arabia, and claims that for decades pilgrims circumambulated the Dome.
Homesickness, and its ability to drive me out of my bedroom at odd hours of the day, saw to it that I was weeding the nunnery grounds whilst singing Venga-boys songs with about 50 nuns, that I learned to make chapatti, that I found myself teaching aerobics to some nuns as we circumambulated the temple, and that I podded a whole crate of peas whilst being teased by three young nuns for my technique.