circulatory failure

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failure of the cardiovascular system to supply adequate amounts of blood to body tissues

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4) The FALLS-protocol considers the weakest pump as the left ventricle, at least on admission of the critically ill patient in acute circulatory failure.
A preliminary medical report suggests the man died of circulatory failure, but his family disputes the claim saying he was tortured.
In this study, wild-type mice that received LPS showed circulatory failure, hypoglycemia, multiple organ dysfunction, and higher mortality, as seen in patients with septic shock.
The mortality rate was found to be 26% in the patients who had ductus dependent circulation and received only prostaglandin, 52% in the patients who received vasopressor medication because of circulatory failure and 57% in the patients who had ductus dependent circulation and received vasopressor treatment together with prostaglandin because of circulatory failure.
Majority of Children who presented after 8 hours had complications like Myocarditis, CCF and Pulmonary edema in addition to Peripheral circulatory failure while children who presented between 4-8 hrs had predominantly peripheral circulatory failure.
People contracting the most severe type, hemorrhagic dengue, can experience severe pain, breathing difficulties, bleeding and even circulatory failure.
The physical evidence of this: heart, respiratory, and circulatory failure, after all resuscitation measures have been taken, was the traditional criteria for death.
In addition to liver failure, he had circulatory failure.
1] The sting usually follows mild self- limiting local reaction however; in individual who are stung for multiple times and when there is massive bee envenomation it leads to vomiting, diarrhea, dyspnoea, hypotension, circulatory failure and death.
How that interaction plays out could mean the difference between getting a mild fever and going into a fatal circulatory failure from dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome.
In the presence of severe circulatory failure along with progressive organ dysfunction unresponsiveness to standard therapy, it was decided to administer rhAPC.
It causes high fever, joint pains and nausea and in severe cases, internal bleeding, enlargement of the liver and circulatory failure that can lead to death.
In addition to the overall number of possible donors, the study will seek to categorize them according to age and medical condition and how many may die of circulatory failure as opposed to brain death.
Several hours after delivery, she developed peripheral circulatory failure.
Evil Shipman claimed the fit and feisty Irene had died suddenly of circulatory failure.
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