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WorldHeart is a global technology leader in mechanical circulatory support systems, dedicated to working with physicians to provide reliable, long-term mechanical circulatory support products and services to the broadest patient population through technology, leadership and innovation.
The device is designed to supplement a failing heart by providing long-term, partial circulatory support in patients with chronic heart failure.
The ResQPOD, introduced to the US market in 2004, is now used as a circulatory enhancer by hospital and EMS personnel throughout the US and internationally and is distributed by Tri-anim Health Services, Inc.
today reported the launch of the Company's clinical development program for its Synergy[TM] Pocket Circulatory Assist Device with the successful implantation of the first patient in a European feasibility trial.
a manufacturer of products for circulatory care and support, is hosting a session to examine Bridge to Recovery, an under-served segment of the Ventricular Assist Device patient population.
Its unique characteristics offer significant advantages over other currently available circulatory support systems.
This advanced, life-saving system is an important option for the thousands of patients a year who require temporary circulatory support," commented Michael R.
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to provide circulatory and pulmonary support of patients with dysfunctional, defective, or injured lungs.
NASDAQ: ABMD) today announced the development of a pediatric circulatory support technology.
A caveat of current investigations is that the overwhelming amount of circulatory DNA in the maternal circulation is of maternal origin (>90%) (4), which has rendered the differentiation of more subtle genetic differences between mother and child considerably more difficult (2, 3).
The scientists now plan to test whether retinoic acid in the circulatory system mediates the circadian rhythm originating in the brain or if the hormone modulates the peripheral rhythm directly in response to cues such as food intake.
Zebrafish embryos develop outside the mother and without an eggshell, and the transparency of the developing embryo allows one to trace the movement of individual cells and thereby follow the development of organs such as the skin, bone, muscle, heart, and kidney, and the circulatory, hematopoietic, and central nervous systems.
CircuLite is developing the Synergy([R]) Pocket Micro-pump, the first micro-pump designed to provide long-term, partial circulatory support to improve the quality of life for a broad range of chronic heart failure patients.
ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions recently declared that it has achieved definitive deal for Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc.
Compared with alternative treatments, albumin, a natural plasma-derived protein that expands blood plasma volume, significantly reduced the circulatory dysfunction that often occurs after large-volume paracentesis and also significantly reduced the occurrence of hyponatremia (low blood sodium levels).