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library that provides books for use outside the building

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There is a work in several volumes in our Circulating Library entitled "Little Reading," which I thought referred to a town of that name which I had not been to.
Such a small sample is of no real use in determining the borrowing habits of circulating library users.
Sister Namibia Resource Centre is a circulating library with the majority of materials available to lend.
Another lost cause documented by Edwards is the 1901 attempt of Joshua Adams, the Dominion Government Indian Lands Agent at Sarnia, to enable the members of the Aamjiwnaang community to create a free circulating library on their Reserve.
To those you could easily add the first reference to Liverpool on a map of Britain (1331), first town hall (1515), Europe's first circulating library, the Lyceum (1803), the opening of the Liverpool to Manchester railway (1830), the first Grand National, public wash-houses, Britain's first public medical officer, School of Tropical Medicine.
Looking at the chart again, we can see it might with some accuracy be called "The Rise of the Single-Volume Reprint and the Circulating Library Triple Decker.
His brother, Mrs Prime's great great grandfather William Olorenshaw, had the first circulating library and reading rooms in High Street, Leamington, between about 1809-1818.
The first attempts to establish a mechanics' institute in Adelaide were made in 1838, but major reorganisation was required the following year: Governor Gawler became the patron, and the library of 300 books, which had been located in a prefabricated school house, was rehoused with Professor Platt who ran a music and circulating library business in Gilles Arcade.
The history and location of the library building is charted, along with consideration of some of the major benefactions of books (including those of William Rede and Sir William Petre), of the circulating library, and of the effects of the Reformation on the college's collections.
Living in a busy seaport, Connell had easy access to the literature of sensibility through Newburyport's circulating library and friends' book collections.
They point out that of 617 books borrowed from a Philadelphia circulating library in 1772, 86 percent were fiction, and that plays and verse constituted "another 7 percent, leaving only 7 percent nonfiction" (p.
The circulating library came into being when the novel was a very expensive item; by fostering demand, it exploited the demand for novels later in the century when they were cheaper.
Though the documentation is usually quite sound, occasionally Erickson rests his case on an unsafe assumption: How does he know (for example) that circulating library novels were read mainly by women?
Seeing this, Melvil Dewey urged the New York Free Circulating Library to house this library in one of its branches.
It is the busiest circulating library in the county (system).