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library that provides books for use outside the building

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Even the list of names at the circulating library is brief enough to reproduce in its entirety (178).
Finding a space for the circulating library proved to be a major task of the organization for the first 25 years.
19) That same year witnessed the founding of the Pennsylvania Home Teaching Society and Free Circulating Library for the Blind in Philadelphia, while in the mid-1890s a blind man in New York with a private collection of embossed books launched the New York City Free Circulating Library for the Blind.
Significant among them are the Cariboo Ministry in British Columbia, a communal garden in Ontario, a circulating library ministry in Nova Scotia, coffee house and puppet ministries, parish nursing programs, the Elders' Institute, a campus ministry drum circle, the Talking Record, and the Minister and the Small Computer--a project in the 1980s exploring what then-new technology could do for clergy, congregations and the church.
DUBAI Forget about buying books or paying to read them -- you can now do it for free at the Free Circulating Library (FCL).
In 1800 a three-volume Gothic novel could cost as much as two weeks' wages for a laborer, and we know that, for the most part, the library fees at a circulating library also would have been out of their reach.
has opened a Circulating Library, for the use of those anxious to obtain information and amusement through such source'.
Born in Somerset, United Kingdom, his father ran a bookshop and set up a small circulating library and reading room on his premises.
While The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature (first published in 1985), described Campbell as 'a prolific writer of light novels', and her novels were published during the height of the circulating library market, (37) Brass and Cymbals and Greek Key Pattern are better than this, and are interesting for her impressions of Melbourne from the early twentieth century to World War II, the period she lived and worked in the city.
He was in business as a newsagent, bookseller, stationer and circulating library.
As early as 1758 the town initiated the first circulating library in Britain and in 1769 an art academy was opened.
A year later, construction began on New York's City Hotel, which would feature a ballroom, stores, and the largest circulating library in the nation.
Amongst these Fergus has also uncovered the records of a commercial circulating library, albeit a very small one : something which not even Kaufman had managed to track down.
Here is the abonnement de musique, the music circulating library, where he has been a member since before the old man died and his son took over.