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library that provides books for use outside the building

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La commercial circulating libraries abiertas en la Gran Bretana se consolidaron principalmente sobre el principio de una economia de la lectura (Erickson, 1990) y no precisamente sobre el motivo de una politica cultural de acceso a los impresos.
Over time, each of these schools also established circulating libraries to extend access to books to former students and to other blind and visually impaired Canadians: circulating libraries were founded at the HSB in 1881 (to serve the three Maritime provinces and Newfoundland, all of which supported the school), the OSB in 1898 (to serve Ontario), and at l'Institut Nazareth in 1914.
I used to haunt circulating libraries like the one Alpana described, searching for books like the one she came across.
Our diversity comes about because each subset of ACE providers arose organically through waves of social movements, the first of these arguably being the mechanics institutes, schools of mines and circulating libraries.
February 7, 1961: Booksellers W H Smith announced 'with regret' the forthcoming closure of their circulating libraries.
We know that circulating libraries were widespread and viewed with more than a little class suspicion by 1775, because Sir Anthony Absolute in Richard Sheridan's comedy The Rivals says to Mrs.
At least two small circulating libraries sprang up in the surrounding mining villages, at Araluen and Jembaicumbene (the latter apparently became a branch of the Braidwood Literary Institute for a short period), but again virtually nothing else is known about these.
A comprehensive, mapped history of Melbourne's private circulating libraries showed how many had survived well into the 'free public library' period, outliving almost all of the Mechanics' Institutes that once featured in almost every Australian town.
Their topics include subscription libraries and commercial circulating libraries in colonial Philadelphia and New York, 1898 and the Hispanic Society of America, women writers and their libraries during the 1920s, and preserving the past in a digital era.
Individual essays include "Subscription Libraries and Commercial Circulating Libraries in Colonial Philadelphia and New York", "Faith in Reading: Public Libraries, Liberalism, and the Civil Religion", "Women Writers and Their Libraries in the 1920s", "Scarcity or Abundance?
Such entries include almanacs, bluestockings, circulating libraries, epistolary novels, Grub Street (the phrase, not the publishing house), modernism, Puritanism and so on.
but the commercial enterprise of religious literature that could be marketed to the 'middling classes,' or those same classes who bought novels in installments or borrowed them from circulating libraries, has been generally thought, ironically, not worth studying" (149-50).
This practice followed from, among other things, the preference of the circulating libraries who virtually controlled the book market and who very intentionally desired to keep new book prices too high for individual purchase.
It sold 1000 copies in its first fourteen years and languished out of print for most of the 1850s, 1860s, and 1870s--and it disappeared from the circulating libraries (chap.