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library that provides books for use outside the building

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We began our research sorting piece-by-piece through the Rokahr Family Archive to identify scores once held by circulating libraries.
Over time, each of these schools also established circulating libraries to extend access to books to former students and to other blind and visually impaired Canadians: circulating libraries were founded at the HSB in 1881 (to serve the three Maritime provinces and Newfoundland, all of which supported the school), the OSB in 1898 (to serve Ontario), and at l'Institut Nazareth in 1914.
In the same year Woolacott contemplated re-issuing her novels in hardback bindings to supply local circulating libraries.
Individual essays include "Subscription Libraries and Commercial Circulating Libraries in Colonial Philadelphia and New York", "Faith in Reading: Public Libraries, Liberalism, and the Civil Religion", "Women Writers and Their Libraries in the 1920s", "Scarcity or Abundance?
A sampling of the non-biographical topics includes the author, censorship, circulating libraries, dictionaries, the elegy, genre, parody, patronage, satire, and World War I poetry.
The Carol June Bradley Award was given to Anita Breckbill and Carole Goebes for a project entitled "Music Circulating Libraries in France.
The King County Library System (KCLS) is one of the largest circulating libraries in the United States.
In the case of blind Canadian adults already capable of reading embossed print, purchasing reading matter was often impossibly expensive while borrowing it from institutions remained limited to three sources: the tiny holdings in some public libraries, the limited collections of circulating libraries operated as auxiliary services by the Canadian schools for the blind based in Ontario and Nova Scotia, and those American libraries for the blind that were willing to send materials to Canada.
Readers rented the most expensive books from circulating libraries and bought reviews that they had no intention of reading more than once.
It was only later, in the 1930s, with both Gerald Mills and Jack London dead and other star writers poached by larger publishers, that Charles Boon decided to turn his company into a 'library house', supplying the commercial circulating libraries that existed in such outlets as Boots or WH Smiths.
While the City restored library hours, the 206 circulating libraries still face a severe book shortage.
It discusses publishing practices and machinery, the distribution of books, circulating libraries, readers, and reading.
As most middle-class individuals could rarely afford to purchase significant quantities of books, two types of collective institutions arose to meet their need: circulating libraries and subscription libraries.
I smiled to see Jane Thomas's fine work on Isaac Forsyth's and others' circulating libraries in Elgin--her thorough work would have informed my comparison of book availability in Elgin and other Scottish towns with that in Canadian towns (1998).
One empathizes with the style difficulties facing Keith Manley in his clear-eyed presentation of details about subscription and circulating libraries.