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circulating printed notices as a means of advertising

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How long the circularization phase lasts depends on how "squishy" or pliable the planet is, given its interior properties.
The final method we developed involves circularization of tagged single maternal plasma DNA molecules, annealing of back-to-back primers in close vicinity to the mutation loci, inverse PCR, and then massive parallel sequencing of the targeted alleles.
The insertion of the KpnI restriction site allowed the circularization of the linear amplicon.
Metaphors of circularization persist when Nabokov comes to address the question of representation directly in Speak, Memory.
The course was publicized by circularization of the colleges, releases to newspapers, and a few radio broadcasts.
A special sequence of events like strong gravitational interactions between two giant planets followed by tidal circularization seems to be the most plausible scenario for the formation of hot Jupiters," he stated.
Step 4 is annealing and circularization with oligo(dG)-tailed linker DNA and E.
To circumvent these obstacles Bioo Scientific has developed several strategies for RNA-Seq that not only eliminate small RNA circularization and linker dimers, but also allow for cross genome analysis using multiplexed barcodes.
This scenario ties together a set of ideas about how to explain bloated planets in terms of scattering into eccentric orbits followed by a tidal circularization that heats the planets," says WASP team member Coel Hellier (Keele University, England).