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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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Circular saws brazed with tips of hard alloy materials such as tungsten carbide (TC) or polycrystalline diamond (PCD) are used for cutting solid wood and wood-based composites because of their good tool wear resistance.
Electric motors used for circular saws typically have components called brushes.
The Worx RevoSaw (TM) 1500W circular saw comes with a three-year warranty and costs pounds 122.
4 V Li-ion platforms and the CS5 circular saw considered ideal for demanding framers, roofers and deck builders.
A circular saw was used to gain entry into some of the properties most difficult to enter, with officers barging in the doors of the other flats.
Like the portable, farm-sized petroleum-powered drag saws, the infamous "Widow-Maker" circular saws were widely available in the early 1900s as internal combustion engines reached farms across the country.
The colour coded HAV tags display the HAV risk level of hand-held power tools such as still saws, circular saws and breakers.
Circular saws are dangerous if you don't use them properly.
The culprits broke into the shed - which was locked - and stole a ladder and power tools which included a cordless drill, sander, planer, jigsaw and two circular saws.
Cordless circular saws offer pros power and convenience.
We get people all the time who are using circular saws, nail guns or drills, and they don't use the proper eye protection, so they wind up in the emergency department with a corneal foreign body.
Designed for demanding contractors and advanced do-it-yourselfers B3's Dodge HEMI power tool line will initially comprise reciprocating, circular saws and jigsaws, a hammer drill, a flashlight and a one- and two-battery charger.
That's why the Skilsaw has been synonymous with circular saws for the past 74 years.
LEFT-BLADE CIRCULAR SAWS are handy tools to have for pro users seeking the clear line-of-sight of an in-line design circular saw and the maneuverability and value of a sidewinder.
Gutting tests were carried out on an NC-router under various cutting conditions with three types of circular saws and particleboards that are commercially available.