circular file

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a container with an open top

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1 when PhilSports is, to put it properly, Re-launched or dug up from the circular file.
The Eugene School District is on record: a draft, four-year reclassification proposal for Oregon high school athletic teams belongs in the circular file.
Most publicity swag, frankly, goes straight into the circular file, but Fox finally gave reporters a gizmo they can potentially use.
How often do you at least figuratively crumple your copy paper, toss it into the circular file, sigh and begin anew?
Many shareholders chuck such materials right into the circular file, perhaps not realizing they are throwing away their only chance to make their voices heard on important corporate issues.
If it is lengthy and hard to read, it could end up in the circular file.
Jeannine Gramick come to me with the piece about Paul Shanley, I would have long ago dumped it in the circular file.