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electronic equipment consisting of a system of circuits

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Narrower circuitry allows semiconductor companies to pack more storage capacity on a smaller piece of silicon, cutting per-chip production costs.
In addition to providing a host of specialty applications, transparent circuitry could make existing displays brighter by increasing the amount of light reaching the viewer's eyes, adds Rogers.
In addition to the digital logic, these devices can incorporate high-voltage circuitry such as motor controller drives, DC/DC converters, and high-precision analog circuits including bandgap filters, ADCs and DACs.
Moreover, the demand for advanced electrical circuitry to operate computers and local area networks (LAN) will continue to increase, as will standards of excellence.
Jetting conformal coating materials onto the electronics in life-saving medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators, protects the electronic circuitry from moisture, dust, chemicals, solvents and other types of environmental contaminants.
People developing this technology find themselves in need of circuitry that can conform to the changeable shapes of fabrics, tissues, and other soft materials (SN: 8/31/02, p.
Figure 1 represents a typical block diagram for CD-RW drive control circuitry, and Figure 2 a typical block diagram of DVD-ROM control circuitry.
By adapting its standard chip manufacturing processes, the company can replace specific expensive image sensors and have most of the remaining circuitry integrated onto the same chip.
Park's electronics circuitry material subsidiary located in Zhuhai, China.
Until now, glass substrates that contain all the circuitry needed to drive the pixels have made the displays seem like very thin monitors.
This panel technology enables an incredible 15,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for deep blacks and crisp picture quality; Fine Motion Advanced technology for 120 Hz Frame Rate Conversion; enhanced Quick Shoot video circuitry for faster pixel response time of 4ms; and wide viewing angles of 176 degrees, so users can view the proprietary 5-wavelength backlight system that provides a wider color spectrum to achieve deeper, more vivid reds and greens than was previously possible.
Degussa AG's High Performance Polymers group in Germany has been licensed to use a special laser-activated additive that allows direct electroplating of electrical circuitry onto PBT.
Chip makers build such components using a process in which they apply semiconducting, metallic, and insulating layers to a semiconductor wafer to create microscopic circuitry.
NASDAQ:ELTK), the leading Israeli manufacturer of advanced circuitry solutions, today announced the signing of a license agreement with Stablcor, Inc.
But creating paper-thin, high-resolution displays for electronic newspapers, books, and even cereal boxes requires circuitry much more sophisticated than that needed for store displays, says John A.