circuit breaker

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a device that trips like a switch and opens the circuit when overloaded

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Delivery of 110 kV circuit breakers for the needs of PGE Distribution SA Branch Zamosc - 4 pieces.
Grand View Research has segmented the circuit breaker and fuse market on the basis of product, application, and region:
The Allen-Bradley family of miniature circuit breakers provides branch-circuit, supplemental and ground-leakage protection.
Apply polyurethane to circuit breaker connections to prevent shorts
In addition, the agency said, the Joint CFTC-SEC Advisory Committee on Emerging Regulatory Issues recommended in February of last year that the SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission first review the current operation of the marketwide circuit breakers and then consider appropriate modifications.
The ISE said the Automatic Circuit Breaker System is fully automated, objective and fair, works on a stock basis, considers the past data of each stock, is designed as a flexible structure, and brings about "an efficient and proactive attitude to surveillance.
If the breakers cannot be replaced immediately, the ship should coordinate with the PMT to conduct thermal imaging of affected circuit breakers as soon as practicable.
However, a decline in short-term investment in the metals, minerals and mining sector as well as the shelving and cancellation of projects in the construction industry, particularly the residential sector, has resulted in a fall in the demand for circuit breakers.
That caused activation and interruption of the circuit breaker.
After a circuit breaker safely interrupts one short-circuit fault, the breaker needs to be evaluated to determine if it can safely be put back into service, and it may need to be tested in order to determine if it will safely interrupt a short circuit in the required amount of time.
Next, close circuit breakers or turn on switches one at a time, working to ward the load, until all of the equipment is energized and power is restored.
By definition, a power circuit breaker is any device that satisfies ANSI C37.
There's a circuit breaker in the cabinet, and when it notices a problem with the power it goes into flash mode and then we have to send someone to that location to reset it.