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a small circle

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decorated metal band worn around the head

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She smiled, and for answer approached the body of the man she had slain, and kneeling beside it removed the circlet of gold from the forehead, and then to my utter amazement lifted the entire scalp bodily from the corpse's head.
Rising, she advanced to my side and placing the yellow wig over my black hair, crowned me with the golden circlet set with the magnificent gem.
The Knight obeyed; and Prince John placed upon its point a coronet of green satin, having around its edge a circlet of gold, the upper edge of which was relieved by arrow-points and hearts placed interchangeably, like the strawberry leaves and balls upon a ducal crown.
The Earl of Essex, 'tis true, wore a splendid ring, set with diamonds, given him by his royal mistress, whilst I -- I have nothing but a simple circlet of gold, with a cipher on it and a date; but that ring has been blessed in the chapel of the Palais Royal,* so they will never ruin me, as they long to do, and whilst they shout,`Down with Mazarin
for the old man was now dressed in royal robes that glittered with jewels and gold embroidery, and wore a circlet of gold around his head.
Archer made the gesture which he had seen so many bridegrooms make: with his ungloved right hand he felt in the pocket of his dark grey waistcoat, and assured himself that the little gold circlet (engraved inside: Newland to May, April , 187-) was in its place; then, resuming his former attitude, his tall hat and pearl-grey gloves with black stitchings grasped in his left hand, he stood looking at the door of the church.
So strange and so brief was the episode, that the watchers might have found it hard to believe it themselves or persuade other people of it, had it not been for the undeniable fact that the circlet of gold which marked her as having been a bride had disappeared.
The little circlet of the schoolboy's copper coin--dim and lustreless though it was, with the small services which it had been doing here and there about the world --had proved a talisman, fragrant with good, and deserving to be set in gold and worn next her heart.
Newer versions, called circlets and halos, which often have ties at the ends, can be worn across the top of the head like a traditional headband or lower down, toward or across the forehead.
Her dangling headpieces came in two general forms: ones that pin to the hair and circlets that rest on the top of the head.
Two circlets hang on to each leg--one to the north-east of Pegasus and the other towards the more southerly side of Pegasus, which appears as the smaller fish as seen from the southern hemisphere.
In the European manner, the paper is entirely surfaced in paint; in the Chinese manner--perhaps even in the Qi Baishi manner--the leaves are rendered as stylized circlets.
Legs lighter colored, "knees" yellowish, bristly hairs on legs absent except for single anterior bristly hair on base of mid femur and preapical circlets on tibiae.
The couple both wore prosthetic foreheads, matching floor length red costumes, and black wigs adorned with traditional crystal circlets.
So, in order to encourage Pina to carry out this recovery exercise, were used objects that she cares a lot for, such as for example her bracelets, or the ballasted circlets that are used for the swimming courses.