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a small circle

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decorated metal band worn around the head

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She smiled, and for answer approached the body of the man she had slain, and kneeling beside it removed the circlet of gold from the forehead, and then to my utter amazement lifted the entire scalp bodily from the corpse's head.
Rising, she advanced to my side and placing the yellow wig over my black hair, crowned me with the golden circlet set with the magnificent gem.
Archer made the gesture which he had seen so many bridegrooms make: with his ungloved right hand he felt in the pocket of his dark grey waistcoat, and assured himself that the little gold circlet (engraved inside: Newland to May, April , 187-) was in its place; then, resuming his former attitude, his tall hat and pearl-grey gloves with black stitchings grasped in his left hand, he stood looking at the door of the church.
So strange and so brief was the episode, that the watchers might have found it hard to believe it themselves or persuade other people of it, had it not been for the undeniable fact that the circlet of gold which marked her as having been a bride had disappeared.
The little circlet of the schoolboy's copper coin--dim and lustreless though it was, with the small services which it had been doing here and there about the world --had proved a talisman, fragrant with good, and deserving to be set in gold and worn next her heart.
Massive circlets of virgin gold adorned their arms and legs.
The white skins, the flowing yellow wigs which covered their bald pates, and the gorgeous diadems set in circlets of gold about their heads marked them as Holy Therns.
About their waists and beneath the right knees were bound circlets of white ox tails, while in their left hands they carried round shields measuring about twenty inches across.
Even I as a circlet director, my coach and my captain Shoaib Malik, we sit down, plan and hold meetings.
THE ORIENTAL CIRCLET TIARA (ALSO KNOWN AS THE INDIAN TIARA) This was a favourite of the Queen Mother'.
Indo-South African ed several times But Indian circlet board BCCI and its SA version seem to have fixed the ODI in favor of India.
Tiny, curious, alien-like, Borne is a vase-shaped anomaly with tendril appendages and a circlet of eyes.
APIN's Kunmes ("Tails"), is indirect; and 3) at least one part of the classical Pisces, the asterism of the Circlet, had a separate name in Sumerian--Sim-mah ("Great Swallow"), which goes back to the 3rd millennium BC.
This handsome plant has an erect stem containing a circlet of compound pinnate leaves that support a sturdy raceme of pea-like flowers ranging in colour from pale white to deep scarlet.