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move around in a circular motion

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Within, the fire was yet smouldering on the hearth, and the chairs in a circle round it, as if the inhabitants had but gone forth to view the devastation of the Slide, and would shortly return, to thank Heaven for their miraculous escape.
The old sailor then went off, and began speaking very earnestly to Mow-Mow and some other chiefs, while all the rest formed a circle round the taboo place, looking intently at Toby, and talking to each other without ceasing.
When compelled to rise they would sometimes circle round and round and over the pond at a considerable height, from which they could easily see to other ponds and the river, like black motes in the sky; and, when I thought they had gone off thither long since, they would settle down by a slanting flight of a quarter of a mile on to a distant part which was left free; but what beside safety they got by sailing in the middle of Walden I do not know, unless they love its water for the same reason that I do.
Tenders are invited for Suture Polyglactin 910 No O 2-0, 90 Cm 1/2 Circle Round Body 40 Mm
and Circle Round Restorative Best Practices, LLC—have agreed to merge under the name and auspices of Restorative Solutions, Inc.
What name is given to the imaginary circle round the Earth at a latitude just over 66 degrees north?
He was getting the horse to sit on its hind legs, stick its tongue out, circle round me and rear up.
Skating': We Circle round and round the freezing rink/and some of us improve and some don't//and some, like you, who dare to ask the question/nobody dares answer, don't try.
And then he heard, as if it brushed his neck, the wind-ripped pinions of a vulture's wings-- watched it circle round, death's-head back-bended, inquiring of the canyon for some wreck it might explore.
Crouch got a circle round him as he did his body popping and locking," the Mirror quoted one reveller as saying.
According to Orthodox tradition worshipers circle round the churches three times after the Service, before exchanging painted Easter eggs.
What you get is the moon, a dark circle round it, then a sky lit up with diffracted moonlight.
According to Orthodox tradition worshipers circle round the churches 3 times after the Service, before exchanging painted Easter eggs.
At one point, Kylie Minogue's Eighties hit I Should Be So Lucky came on and the laughing girls formed a circle round Coleen and sang it to her loudly, pointing at her and shouting 'You' instead of 'I'.
It helps having seven other Brummies in the band with me but we also take our social circle round the world on tour with us too, so my accent gets thicker.