circle around

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move around in a circular motion

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The first sign you notice might be rings of darker grass that form a complete circle around weaker grass on the inside the mushrooms usually spring up around the circle in autumn.
Dressed in a black jacket and black jeans with a gold chain and white trainers, Liam sang into a microphone and danced around as onlookers gathered in a circle around him.
Draw another circle around the outside of the first.
Sixteen tri-color 3-W LED arranged in a circle around the outside edge of the front lens, are formatted and can be controlled in quadrants.
Crouch got a circle around him did his body popping and locking."
BEST OF THE BUNCH ECHINACEA These stately plants, also known as coneflowers, with stiff, branching stems topped with large daisy-like flowers which form a flat circle around the prominent central cone, make a really eye-catching statement in the border.
All fences used six 16'-long panels, staked with steel T-posts and arranged in a circle around the feeders.
A Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) expert with NASA, Bill Patzert in his response to an inquiry said a black or dark circle around the moon is a common occurrence in space and has no relationship whatsoever with acid rain.
2 : something in the form of a circle or part of a circle <We gathered in a circle around the fireplace.>
Cuban Rueda de Casino Danced on 1, in a circle around each other, very sexy and animated.
The 20 x '25 Coalition reports that with half of the nation's ethanol expected to be produced in five years within a 600-mile wide circle around north central Iowa, it is of little surprise that Manly, IA, has been selected as the site of a new truck-to-train biofuels trading and distribution center.
In one scene, performers paced a circle around a changing, spotlit soloist, whose bursts of indulgent movement alternated with rest, paralleling the searing Jeff Beck guitar solo.
The reason: though the circle around the free-throw stripe was always 12-feet wide, the lane was only six feet wide.
In an effort to make socializing easier, the classrooms are laid out in a circle around a central meeting area, where the children will inevitably interact with each other during breaks.
Since then someone has been down and painted a blue circle around the very obvious leak!