circle around

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move around in a circular motion

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To celebrate having the baton in school the children dressed in yellow and green, made a huge circle around the school.
Draw another circle around the outside of the first.
Sixteen tri-color 3-W LED arranged in a circle around the outside edge of the front lens, are formatted and can be controlled in quadrants.
A Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) expert with NASA, Bill Patzert in his response to an inquiry said a black or dark circle around the moon is a common occurrence in space and has no relationship whatsoever with acid rain.
2 : something in the form of a circle or part of a circle <We gathered in a circle around the fireplace.
Cuban Rueda de Casino Danced on 1, in a circle around each other, very sexy and animated.
The 20 x '25 Coalition reports that with half of the nation's ethanol expected to be produced in five years within a 600-mile wide circle around north central Iowa, it is of little surprise that Manly, IA, has been selected as the site of a new truck-to-train biofuels trading and distribution center.
ANAHEIM - Pull out your pocket calendar and draw a circle around Tuesday, Aug.
Darien High School's new campus includes seven buildings connected in a circle around a central courtyard and surrounded by athletic fields.
That's because air circulation in the stratosphere causes gases from the tropics to circle around Earth and move toward the poles.
If you like the word around, use circle around or revolve around.
A film (shown on DVD) documenting the 1971 performance Bodyshells introduced the playfulness that ran through Bucher's subsequent explorations of the boundaries between the individual body and its surroundings: Large, bell-shaped foam sculptures on Venice Beach forced the performers to hop and circle around each other in slow motion.
about 15 feet across, chicken feathers, blood and someone had hung makeshift torches in a circle around the trees.
The matrix material passes through a single central port, while the secondary resin or master-batch goes through nine small ports arranged in a circle around the central one.
The circle around Stefan George (1868-1933) included a high proportion of people of Jewish origin.