circadian rhythm

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a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms

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But previous research suggests melatonin supplements help realign a person's circadian rhythm and sleep, and can improve cardiovascular and cognitive health, including in patients with Alzheimer's disease, who may start producing less melatonin in the early stages of their illness.
Kooij and her colleagues showed that ADHD, depression, anxiety, and circadian rhythm sleep problems are fellow travelers.
USA], Nov 4 (ANI): Environmental toxins may be disrupting the circadian rhythms, according to a recent study.
The common pathway, as suggested by most research, is that exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that modulates our circadian rhythm.
The research, published in the Journal of Physiology, shows that the retina has a group of cells that communicate directly with the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)--a region of the brain responsible for coordinating circadian rhythm.
However, the resources on offer fluctuate throughout the day, partly in response to our circadian rhythms -- in effect, our body clock.
Many Individuals have a routine set up and schedule in which they do their work based on timings that keep their circadian rhythm undisturbed.
1-3) Vanda also knows that even if melatonin distributors were allowed to use a structure-function claim such as "helps maintain a normal circadian rhythm," they would not have the budget for even one national ad, let alone 11,000 such ads.
Many variables relevant to athletic performance are intimately tied to the circadian rhythm of body temperature.
Intriguingly, XPA patients rarely show circadian rhythm disturbances and/or sleep disorders except excessive daytime drowsiness [12].
To bridge this gap, it would be advantageous to study an animal with clearly defined and easily accessible neural circuitry underlying a specific behavior that is expressed with a circadian rhythm.
For instance, what are the circadian rhythms of the individual players and what efforts are made to coordinate the circadian rhythm of the team.
The article doesn't address the circadian rhythm of adolescents.
Travelling internationally disrupts our circadian rhythm by exposing our body to unexpected sunlight - this new app calculates how much light you need.
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