circadian rhythm

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a daily cycle of activity observed in many living organisms

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In a paper published 8 August 1986 in Science, which Brainard calls a "landmark," Czeisler showed that exposure to carefully timed bright light over several days could reset the circadian rhythm very precisely, the way one might reset a watch, even when the subjects' bedtime was held constant.
A compound called cyclic guanine monophosphate (cyclic GMP) plays a role in regulating circadian rhythm.
Any of these in the morning will advance the circadian rhythm so the patient sleeps earlier.
Although circadian rhythms have been studied for almost half a century, only recently has medical science entered the field to link the importance of the phenomenon to mental illness, dangers of nightshift work, jet lag, surgery, and drug administration.
Scientists from the University of Cambridge Department of Plant Sciences showed that these sugars also play a role in circadian rhythms.
In addition to entrainment of melatonin, entrainment of cortisol establishes tasimelteon as a circadian regulator, addressing an unmet need for people living with Non-24, a debilitating circadian rhythm disorder," said Mihael H.
Light therapy is inexpensive and safe for shifting circadian rhythm.
Circadian rhythms of lung function also may have implications for the administration of asthma medications and the timing of medical procedures.
The desynchrony protocol affected sleep/wake time but not circadian rhythm, an internal mechanism that regulates behavior according to the rhythms of nature, such as night and day and the seasons.
Light therapy: There has been some research to support the use of bright lights for three hours to advance the circadian rhythms of individuals traveling across several time zones.
This hormone, produced by the pineal gland, helps regulate the body's circadian rhythm and immune function, and also suppresses tumor growth.
with a light:dark ratio of 16:8 versus 8:16) can determine the susceptibility of a mouse's circadian rhythm to dysfunction or disruption throughout the animal's life (Ciarleglio et al.
The novel work, which for the first time demonstrates the transplant of a circadian rhythm.
Evidence shows that exposure to blue light in the spectrum between 400-520nm, with a peak at 460nm, is necessary for biological processes, including regulating circadian rhythm and
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