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the activity of converting data or information into code

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Through these useful information, the proxy can easily generate the re-encryption key b/a to convert ciphertext of A to B, then it also allows to convert the ciphertext of B from the opposite direction to A.
Most of the existing work focuses on either embedding access policy in the ciphertext by adapting CP-ABE directly or outsourcing computation to a third party.
The encryption technology maintains the cohesion of ciphertexts by preventing them from being separated into individual characters, since computer viruses or malicious administrators can infer characters in registered data and keywords by using "frequent analysis" for each separated character.
4) The receiver uses formula (49) to decrypt the ciphertext and obtain a decrypted plaintext image M = [E.
w]henever the government obtains ciphertext consistently with
1) A sender encrypts a file with a symmetric key SK to generate the encrypted file F', and encrypts SK with receiver's ID to generate the ciphertext C.
In the final round, SubBytes, ShiftRows and the AddRoundKey operations will be performed to produce the ciphertext.
Histograms of the plaintext image and the ciphertext image are drawn in figure 6.
To create a message, Caesar replaced each real letter in the message (the plaintext letter) with the letter below it (the ciphertext letter).
In this paper, we build our solution based on a probabilistic public-key cryptosystem that supports rerandomization of a ciphertext, and the threshold decryption.
The story, board, list of moves, and Martin Gardner's annotations comprise the elements necessary to a cipher: a plaintext, a key, and a ciphertext.
RSA encryption process: encoding plaintext to be encrypted into an integer m (0 < m < n), the ciphertext C=[m.
Encryption refers to algorithmic schemes that encode plain text, such as a card number, into a non-readable form called ciphertext.
Decryption is the reverse, in other words, moving from the unintelligible ciphertext back to plaintext.
Articles cover a wide range of subjects including spam and filtering technologies, learning systems, data sorting based on query quality, ciphertext systems and web data extraction and entity recognition.