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Synonyms for cipher



Synonyms for cipher

a totally insignificant person

to ascertain by mathematics

Synonyms for cipher

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Several block cipher modes of operation have been proposed in the literature to protect sensitive information.
Caesar created another cipher that now bears his name.
To add security to messages, steps are added to the key, and in more complicated ciphers, the key can consist of multiple steps involving key phrases, modular arithmetic, and so on.
today announced that Enocoro a light weight stream cipher developed by Hitachi in 2007, has received final approval by ISO/IEC and has been adopted as an ISO/IEC29192 standard.
Also parallel operations of CA, which may give high troughput to ciphers.
Mohammad Gaith Bin Mahah Al Mazroui is challenging skilled coders, hackers and cryptographers to break the encryption of his cipher.
A general quantitative cryptanalysis of permutation-only multimedia ciphers against plaintext attacks.
Camellia not only maintains the world's highest security, but also can be built into high-speed software implementation independent of the platform such as PCs or IC cards and the world's smallest hardware implementation with the highest efficiency among 128-bit block ciphers.
CODEBREAKER: The HiStory of Codes and Ciphers, from the Ancient Pharaohs to Quantum Cryptography
In addition to Camellia and PSEC-KEM, CipherCraft is also capable of adjusting multiple ciphers such as AES and 3-DES.
The two major categories of cryptographic systems are ciphers and codes, both of which are used extensively by criminals to conceal clandestine records, conversations, and writings.
Ciphers use keys which unlock the secret to friends--and keep everyone else out
This leads to an international reputation of Camellia, of which the security level is very high and the processing speed is four or five times faster than that of the currently mainstream 64-bit block Ciphers such as Triple DES.