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Synonyms for cipher



Synonyms for cipher

a totally insignificant person

to ascertain by mathematics

Synonyms for cipher

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These characters, as any one might readily guess, form a cipher - that is to say, they convey a meaning; but then, from what is known of Kidd, I could not suppose him capable of constructing any of the more abstruse cryptographs.
The general use which may be made of the table is obvious - but, in this particular cipher, we shall only very partially require its aid.
Let us refer, for example, to the last instance but one, in which the combination ;48 occurs - not far from the end of the cipher.
I cannot doubt that, if we had the cipher, we should find that this communication is of the nature that I indicate.
But what is the use of a cipher message without the cipher?
Underneath is written in a hand so shaky as to be hardly legible, 'Beddoes writes in cipher to say H.
It was a very angular and very lively little mass, imprisoned in its linen sack, stamped with the cipher of Messire Guillaume Chartier, then bishop of Paris, with a head projecting.
I shall require the A3X cipher, Sidney," he said to his secretary.
As you know yourself, the cipher letter warning certain people in London of the coming raid, passed through his hands.
Doubts if we could read, write, and cipher, if he tried us.
You doubt whether I, or any of those fellows behind me, could read, write, and cipher correctly if you tried us.
As to the cipher systems supposed to reveal hidden messages in the plays: First, no poet bending his energies to the composition of such masterpieces as Shakspere's could possibly concern himself at the same time with weaving into them a complicated and trifling cryptogram.
Fancy a man lugging with him a book of that description into this nowhere and studying it-- and making notes--in cipher at that
A cipher which he knows so well as to remember it, too
The paper which you saw me hand to the porter in the hall as we stepped into the elevator was a despatch in cipher to the English Ambassador at Washington, claiming his protection.