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Synonyms for cipher



Synonyms for cipher

a totally insignificant person

to ascertain by mathematics

Synonyms for cipher

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Let the matrix P represent the linear permuation of the block cipher, where [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) is a block cipher encryption algorithm that uses a symmetric key encryption technique (Needham, 1994; Wheeler, 1997).
Moberg Pharma will supply the product MOB-015 and Cipher will be responsible for marketing, distribution and sales in Canada, upon completed clinical studies and registration of the product.
RC4 (originally named as Rivest Cipher 4 or ARC4, founded by Ron Rivest at RSA Security), is the well-known stream cipher around which is widely used in applications like WPA, SSL, TLS, Kerberos, PDF and Skype [4].
Cipher will subsequently acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Cardiome, which will then be 100% owned by Correvio and hold only the Canadian business portfolio.
"We are thrilled to be selected as a top security system integrator by MarketsandMarkets," said Ed Boucas, Chief Executive Officer at CIPHER. "CIPHER is well positioned to implement the most advanced security technologies and tools that will protect and defend organizations against constantly evolving security threats."
Cipher is a cloud-native application with multitenant capabilities leveraging a modern architecture design, based on Microsoft's Azure Internet of Things platform.
The Simeck family block cipher encryption and decryption round functions have ARX (AND ([*]), rotation (rotation left, (<<<)), eXclusive-OR ([cross product])) operations.
In award-winning author Laura Ruby's York, a modern steampunk mystery for tweens, three seventh-graders accept the challenge of the Old York Cipher.
ABSTRACT: A5/1 stream cipher is a type of cryptographic algorithm which is widely used for encryption of the GSM communication.
fast & FURIOUS (12A) HHH HH PROFESSIONAL street racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) has settled in Havana with wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), but diabolical cyber-criminal mastermind Cipher (Charlize Theron) has other plans.
Unfortunately, diabolical Cipher (Charlize Theron) - who proudly describes herself as "the crocodile at the watering hole" - has other plans.
It is one of the most powerful attacks for block ciphers and is considered in many block cipher designs [3-10].
The main criterion for the lightweight cipher is to have less memory space and that which might result into a less gate equivalent count.