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the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

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It should be noted that the Cinque Terre National Park, as well as the territory of the Val d'Orcia Park has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Cinque built up the city's first radio taxi company ("Taxi Tropical").
She mediated the minutiae of the legal proceedings, the grief of Cinque's family, the passivity of the friends who bafflingly seemed to enable the crime, the gentle spirit of Cinque himself, the disturbing presence of Singh, and her own musings on what she perceived to be a terrible miscarriage of justice.
151-155), tre antologie americane con traduzioni del Cinque Maggio localizzate dalla ricercatrice nel database digitale del progetto The Making of America Collection (p.
One Gateway Center is one of the most centrally located office buildings in Newark's bustling downtown business district," Cinque said.
The venues replace Woburn, Royal Cinque Ports, Gailes Links and Hillside, where there will be 12 places available for this year's Open at Troon from a field of 288 players.
com)-- Don Mammoser Photography, specialist in photography workshops and photo based tours, has created an all new photo tour to Italy's famous Cinque Terre.
In his seminal work, Cinque not only brought important contributions to the syntax of adverbs and the architecture of the clause--Cinque's theory offers an interesting approach to the generative Middleueld, which pays enormous attention to descriptions that typologists have been doing on languages from different families--but also brings two major theoretical and conceptual contributions to Generativism: (i) how one could understand the principles that would be shared by all languages (as inherited by Universal Grammar); and, related to (i), (ii) how one could explain the interesting issue of parametric variation--which, for him, is linked to Merge operations, i.
Despite having missed several months of racing because of the injury, Grif-Griffiths finished third in his first race back at the Cardiff Cross Challenge and has since produced some impressive results including finishing seventh at the prestigious Cinque Mulini cross-country event in Italy last weekend.
THE BELL HOTEL SANDWICH WHERE AND WHY One of the medieval Cinque Ports, the Kent town of Sandwich is now two miles inland, on the River Stour.
It was a huge honour to play my final event as an amateur at the Masters," said Porteous, who earned an invitation to Augusta National after his win at Royal Cinque Ports last year.
During my last weekend getaway before returning to the United States, my friends and I traveled to Cinque Terre, a series of five coastal villages that are part of a national park in northern Italy.
Joseph Cinque, recompense les performances realisees par le groupe marocain dans le domaine de l'hospitalite notamment sur ses vols longs courriers reliant le Maroc et l'Amerique du Nord.
The full-fronted AEC Regent V - one of just three surviving examples - worked as a seaside bus on the Cinque Ports route in East Kent over half a century ago.
Summary: A landslide in the Italian resort of Cinque Terre has injured four tourists,