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Synonyms for cinnamon-coloured

having the color of cinnamon

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the Hyatt Regency hotel at Taba Heights is overlooked by the cinnamon-coloured mountains of the Sinai desert and has a seawater lagoon between the hotel and the beach.
The young bearded tits have small, round bodies and a long cinnamon-coloured tail, which they use to balance when clinging on to reedstems - hence the nickname.
They are delicate in appearance with cinnamon-coloured hair and an apron of long white hair on their chests.
Bromsgrove cat-breeder Bob Cutler shows off his prize possession, Kintavi - the only cinnamon-coloured Bengal cat in Britain.
This hedge will need clipping just once a year in late summer and keeps cinnamon-coloured dead leaves all winter.
GLOWING ambers, deepest russets and cinnamon-coloured leaves all make this the most glorious of golden Octobers.
One of the Red Sea Riviera's youngest resorts stretches out against a striking backdrop of cinnamon-coloured mountain ranges.
The shy, pointed-eared, cinnamon-coloured pups are now on show for the first time.
Commonly called the ``Paper bark'' maple, the papery cinnamon-coloured bark flutters from the trunk and branches.
Christen Kobke's Autumn Morning on Lake Sortedam is another lovely work with cinnamon-coloured trees dwindling down a perspective with the light burnishing the water.
The wizened man speaks only in whispers to preserve the serenity of the Wadi Mandar valley and the soaring, cinnamon-coloured jagged mountains that surround it.
It produces rich red and scarlet leaves in autumn and its bark flakes and curls away until it reveals cinnamon-coloured under-bark.
This development sprawls along 5km of Red Sea coastline, hugging the shore beneath the beautiful cinnamon-coloured mountains.