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having the color of cinnamon

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Betula nigra, commonly called river birch, sports spectacular salmon-pink to cinnamon-colored bark that peels away to reveal a creamy white layer underneath.
Back through the cinnamon-colored doors, back to the check-in room and back onto the bus.
She started thinking about ways to move the cinnamon-colored fabric out the door and came up with the idea of making cinnamon rolls.
Males have a cinnamon-colored throat and females, a black-and-white spotted breast.
One of these famous cinnamon-colored giants, the "General Sherman," was already a few hundred years old when Jesus walked the earth.
We're standing in a deserted picnic grove among the cinnamon-colored trunks of incense cedars.
A cinnamon-colored solid wood floor spans the island kitchen and the adjoining breakfast area.
In an hour, we were able to kill a limit of drake greenwings, each with a cinnamon-colored breast stained by their long stay in this muddy water.
Reminiscent of brush cherry, it has dense, dark green leaves 1/2 to 1 inch long and cinnamon-colored bark.
I caressed my face and kissed my cinnamon-colored hands several times happily and passionately, so that they could concretely see my love for my skin color.
Cinnamon-colored clinamen obscures that ocean and I oar out We never spat our objections
One solution is to limit the number of people who can visit fragile areas, such as Delicate Arch, the breathtaking formation of cinnamon-colored sandstone at Arches National Park: One day, park officials say, you may have to make reservations just to get into a park.
Given the evident seasonality of the gray pelage, it seems to us that the gray color phase of the spotted ground squirrel often referred to in the literature results from individual cases of seasonal dichromatism, with some (but not all) cinnamon-colored animals molting into a gray winter pelage.
It has cream and green leaves along cinnamon-colored stems, and cuttings from it are highly prized as background or filler in flower arrangements.
This cinnamon-colored treat is "soft and chewy, with an intense pear flavor," says ARS food technologist Tara H.