cinnamon roll

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rolled dough spread with cinnamon and sugar (and raisins) then sliced before baking

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Just to make sure no one goes home hungry they add a side of spuds, a short stack of Cakes (diner's choice) and a Maple Frosted Bacon Cream Cheese Stuffed Cinnamon Roll.
Spence says "Cinna-spin" Cookies is a fun recipe she, her mother and her daughter make together in a lot less time than the cinnamon rolls she and her grandmother made when she was a young girl.
With over 30 different frosting flavors and a variety of different toppings, Cinnaholic is the only custom gourmet cinnamon roll bakery in the world.
Available now, Jack's Warm Cinnamon Roll is an indulgent pastry made up of bite-sized clusters coated with cinnamon and drizzled with icing.
Cousins Paige Lemhouse and Ashly Ann Lemhouse, both 9 and of Junction City, shared a cinnamon roll on the Grange steps Saturday.
The award-winning bakery specializes in nothing but custom gourmet and vegan cinnamon rolls and has customers, celebrities and the media drooling over its delicious creations.
Cinnaholic is the only custom gourmet cinnamon roll bakery in the world.
You could eat three of her Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies--or four Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Donuts--and still be some 170 calories short of a Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Icing.
Cinnamon Roll Fusions Mix -- Another American comfort food, the cinnamon roll, was the inspiration for a second new Fusions mix that combines cinnamon pecans, cinnamon yogurt-covered raisins, yogurt-covered raisins and cinnamon square cookies.
to acquire Cinnabon, the world leader in the cinnamon roll bakery category, from AFC Enterprises, Inc.
Olesen's other varieties include Raspberry, Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon roll and Almond Custard.
Cinnabon is the world's leading cinnamon roll retailer.
We've taken the best of both of our brands--from the world's most famous cinnamon roll and the world's best soft serve ice cream--and created a hand-dipped ice cream indulgence like no other.
a leading national coffee roaster and distributor, launches Baker's Treats, an innovative line of flavored coffees, consisting of Blueberry Muffin Coffee and Cinnamon Roll Coffee.
ON THE DASHBOARD: Warm cinnamon roll at Jack in the Box.