cinnamon bear

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reddish-brown color phase of the American black bear

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A rainy day isn't good for anything," Cinnamon Bear said grumpily.
Now Cinnamon Bear," she fussed, "all those sweets are not good for you.
In 2008, my hunting partner and I were collecting photos of a large cinnamon bear consistently hitting one of our baits at a particular time.
The gorgeous cinnamon bear casually approached the bait.
Throwing my binos against my face, I immediately recognized the incoming bruin as the young cinnamon bear I had passed earlier.
At 25 yards the "Booner" cinnamon bear sensed me somehow, rolling onto his flanks and sitting up like a dog begging a biscuit.
This made for great pictures and video until a 200-pound cinnamon bear came in and chased them off.
The first bear that I ever killed was a color-phase bear, a cinnamon bear in Oregon in 1972.
I don't know how the dogs managed to bay both bears or which one they were trailing from the kill, but after an arduous chase through the reservation's rocky canyons, we finally caught and dispatched the cinnamon bear.
Shortly after she'd first come in, Jim glimpsed a big cinnamon bear, but it disappeared just as fast as it had appeared.
Harley pushes me ahead, motioning to put another arrow into the cinnamon bear.
Finally, bewildered, I glanced back, and Dyrk motioned to our left--where a little cinnamon bear was virtually breathing down my neck, watching us curiously.
The day was lucky for Marty, however, as he took a beautiful cinnamon bear that evening.
Tootsie Rolls and Smarties) to Cherry Sours and Cinnamon Bears.
Beyond the gate behind our house is Santa Fe National Forest; up on the mesa, a five-minute walk away, cinnamon bears are once again foraging too close to civilization.