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(anatomy) an encircling structure (as the ridge around the base of a tooth)

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euryodon by the greater development of the buccal cingula, and by the greater dimensions and robusticity of the P4, in which there is not a clearly defined parastyle.
The molar represents four main cusps, anterior, median and posterior accessory cusps, and anterior and posterior cingula.
Type 3 (trace talon): which manifests an enlarged and prominent cingula.
Plaudentes sed eunt fluuii certantque uicissim Munera reginae quae potiora darent: Cingula fert Athesis rarumque monile Ticinus, Mintius Hetrusco uellera tincta lacu; Vellit arundineisque Padusa corallia stagnis, Quae concreta Rubro sunt pretiosa gelu.
Trace talon is enlarged or prominent cingula in any ofits variants originating from cervical third of root.
Differs from Anthracokeryx, North American Bothriodon, Aepinacodon and Arretotherium, and Euro-American Elomeryx and African Bothriogenys in possessing a strong postprotocristid, tooth rows without significant diastemata between canine and P/1 and/or P/1-P/2, relatively simple P/2-P/3 with posterior cingulid slight, P/4 only slightly elaborated by a strong protocristid and lacking posterior cingulid, premolar lingual cingula absent, molar paracristid ending near base of metaconid and unconnected to anterior cingulum, and molar postentocristid weak ( H.
The studied specimens prove their inclusion in the family Tragulidae based on the selenobunodont to selenodont pattern with strong cingula and cingulidae and mostly strong styli and stylidae (Rossner 2007; Khan et al.
Euryalus phaleras Rhamnetis et aurea bullis cingula, Tiburti Remulo ditissimus olim quae mittit dona, hospitio cum iungeret absens, Caedicus; ille suo moriens dat habere nepoti; post mortem bello Rutuli pugnaque potiti: haec rapit